TV Heartbeat Contest! Sleepy Hollow Rides Again on Monday! Win a SIGNED Poster!! Tom Mison! Nicole Beharie! Orlando Jones! Katia Winter!

One week to go and then we’re all out of purgatory, waiting for the new season of Sleepy Hollow to begin! Yes! On Monday night, Sleepy Hollow will kick off the new fall season for Fox! (I’m ignoring Utopia because, let’s face it, most people are anyway…)

Sleepy Hollow S2 (1)

How will Ichabod escape being buried alive by his long-lost son, Henry/Jeremy/War?
How will Abbie escape that purgatory dollhouse?
Where did the Headless Horseman take Katrina? Will she be staying in our world?
What will happen to Captain Irving now that he’s been arrested and taken upstate?
Is Jenny Mills okay after that nasty encounter where she and her car lost versus the Headless Horseman?

Yeah, they left just a few questions unanswered at the end of last season! This was such a fun show and that ending was a big game-changer! The good news is we’re getting more Sleepy Hollow this year! The second season will be 18 episodes long so, next year, we won’t have to wait so long between seasons!

Sleepy Hollow S2 (4)

To celebrate the show’s return, I’m raffling off a CAST SIGNED Sleepy Hollow poster! That’s right, a little bit of Sleepy Hollow can be yours! As dark as the show is, they are one of the funniest and nicest casts! To prove it, here’s a flashback to some outtakes during last year’s NYCC Sleepy Hollow interviews during (ah, good times!):

But back to the giveaway! Here are the details!

The poster itself is from last year’s San Diego Comic Con and I had it signed during the Fox Fanfronts in May — you can read more about that fun day here.

The poster is autographed by Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane), Nicole Beharie (Lt. Abbie Mills), Katia Winter (Katrina Crane) and Orlando Jones (Captain Irving).

Sleepy Hollow cast signed poster contest

Photo May 20, 7 57 57 AM



Yes, this can be yours if you use the Rafflecopter below! Comment below on what creature you’re hoping to see this season! We’ll start the contest today and end it on October 13th. Tweet daily to earn more entries if you like!

I want this poster to go to a good home!! This one is limited to US residents only (Sorry!).

Good luck everyone!

Remember, Sleepy Hollow begins its new season on Monday on Fox!

Stay tuned!

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