Photo Flop! Billy Meets Ant-Man Star Corey Stoll… But Even Shrinking Can’t Save His Photo! Doh! Plus, He Gets Photobombed By A Sexy Canadian!

It’s Photo Flop time!

Billy and I headed out to the Ant-Man premiere. At the end Corey Stoll was nice enough to come over and sign for all the fans. Now… It was a little chaotic to say the least.

corey stoll ant-man premiere photo flop 2

Billy was taking selfies with his i-phone and that’s always great news for everyone here at MTF because he’s sure to get at least one Photo Flop!

Sure enough, that’s what happened with his Corey Stoll photo. The funniest part though… I’m in the background. I love this! It looks like I’m well… partially deformed… but also sniveling at poor Billy. It actuality, I’m just getting pushed and trying to get out of the way. It’s pretty damn funny.

corey stoll ant-man premiere photo flop 2

Check out the full Photo Flop below!

corey stoll ant-man premiere photo flop 2

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