Fanboy Fail Friday! Courtney Love Hides Under A Car Seat To Avoid Six Fans! Say Wha?

Oh, the cold shivering nights of Los Angeles… Okay, it’s a bit nippy. But I hear we’re getting rain… sometime. It did drizzle yesterday which was a definite feat for traffic.

Anyway, Scotty and I headed out on the town a little bit ago to try and meet Ms. Courtney Love. I know, I know. She’s unpredictable at best.

courtney love now

Courtney Love was appearing in her first musical, the rock opera Kansas City Choir Boy and Scotty and I headed down for the final night.

It’s apparently a really short show, clocking in at just an hour. We were a little surprised, and when we got there, we only had a little bit to wait. There were four other fans there, and we waited to catch a glimpse of the Hole singer.

The show ended and one or two other people joined us. One girl had Courtney’s book and her mother had purple hair. Pink Rawk never dies.

Then, the gate opened and a car pulled out with a blonde tuft of hair hiding under the seat in the back. Hmmmm…. Was that blonde tuft of hair Courtney Love? Yep.

courtney love now

Perhaps the sun went down and she had to walk into the waves… In Malibu…. Sorry, had to quote a song lyric.

I didn’t realize that six people warranted hiding under the seat of a car but you know… I can understand why you would hide under the seat of a car.

courtney love now

I mean, she could have been looking for a Tik-Tac, trying to find a missing contact lens, Maybe Courtney Love dropped her sharpie to sign for us and she was just looking for it? Yeah… Yeah… That’s it!


Oh well…

Until next time kids…

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