Craig Ferguson’s Replacement Has Finally Been Announced For The Late Late Show! And It’s…

The late night TV landscape is changing by leaps and bounds. With the announcement that Craig Ferguson is going to be leaving the Late Late Show, his replacement has finally been announced by CBS.

Interestingly enough, he’s kind of an unknown.

James Corden

British actor James Corden is taking the spot after Steve Colbert.

Nina Tassler who is CBS Entertainment chairman has been a fan of his according to USA Today. “He sings, he dances, he’s done years of sketch comedy,” she says. “You just can’t take your eyes off him.” He’s also, she says, “comedically fearless, and in this climate you need someone who’s willing to take risks.”

James Cordon signed a two year contract, so it looks like the CBS late night shift is finally complete!

James Corden

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