Cult Classic Corner! Jack Celebrates Meeting His Long Time Crush Daryl Hannah! With Dancing at the Blue Iguana! Sandra Oh! Jennifer Tilly! Autographs! And More!

Summer is always an interesting time and every year it seems like I usually meet one of my favorite people. Recently I met one of my long time crushes, Daryl Hannah, and couldn’t believe. Considering all the cool movies she’s been involved with, what movie did I decide to commemorate this special Comic Con Cult Classic Corner with today? “Dancing at the Blue Iguana.”

 Daryl Hannah 2 Dancing with the Blue Iguana

Daryl Hannah headlines a cast with Elias Koteas, Sandra Oh and Jennifer Tilly in a movie about strippers. The Blue Iguana is one of L.A.’s most notorious strip clubs and takes place in “The Valley.” The movie explores the intersecting lives of five exotic dancers over the course of a week.

Jennifer Tilly Dancing with the Blue Iguana

Angel (Hannah) really wants to have a baby of her own, but can’t seem to get it together. Jo (Tilly) is pregnant and wants an abortion, but can’t control her rage. Jasmine (Oh) writes poetry on the side, but can’t find a man who condones her “real job.”

Dancer Dancing with the Blue Iguana


The newest stripper, Jesse (Charlotte Ayanna) struggles to find acceptance with her peers and Stormy (Sheila Kelley) is maintaining an incestuous relationship with her brother. P.S. “True Blood” fans, Kristin Bauer also co-stars in the movie!

Sandra Oh Dancer Dancing with the Blue Iguana

Hannah, Tilly and Oh are fantastic as three exotic dancers struggling with their lives in this cool cult classic film. This isn’t a cut and dry film, but really goes beneath the surface with seeing these women’s real life. Hannah even directed an awesome documentary about her experience “Strip Notes,” which detailed her research and attitude towards making this movie. This is just one of those cool hidden gems most people aren’t familiar with unless they saw it on DVD and VHS.

Daryl Hannah Dancing with the Blue Iguana

Since I can remember I have always had a huge crush on Daryl Hannah. Looking back she might have been my first real crush, but who doesn’t love her? From “Blade Runner,” “Splash,” “Roxanne,” “Kill Bill,” etc. She’s just one of those actresses who is always doing something and remains a very passionate individual.

Several years ago during one of my first Comic Con, Ms. Hannah was advertised to be appearing at “Blade Runner” signing with most of the cast sans Rutger Hauer, Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford. Sadly, she never showed up and I had been holding onto a Kill Bill picture for seven years now. Last week my friend David was excited to alert me about a special screening that would include Daryl Hannah.

Hot Flashes Ticket

The movie we saw was “Hot Flashes,” which could be best described as a Lifetime movie with how sappy they made the film. Honestly, I loved the cast of the film and not the material, but for Hollywood that doesn’t matter. Personally, there need to be more filmmakers making movies about an older generation (40+) and write scripts that aren’t so sappy and cheesy. But I digress. Afterwards, my friend and I were the only ones to approach Daryl afterwards for autographs besides a couple of older, middle aged women. She graciously signed for us and was really happy to meet fans. Thanks Daryl for being so awesome and until the next time, happy autograph hunting!

Dancing with the Blue Iguana

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