Cult of Chucky Blu-ray Review!

Horror fans have long embraced famous killers, from Michael Myers, to Jason, Freddy, etc… They have become an indelible part of our pop culture landscape. Fans get rabid at the mere notion of a new horror chapter chapter coming out and even if timelines get messed up and new characters aka cannon fodder get added, fans still line up for more!

One of those iconic killers is Chucky. Who can forget the Child’s Play films and then Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, etc.. Now Chucky is back and ready to torment a new generation in Cult of Chucky, which is out now on Blu-ray. Chucky is of course the ginger haired doll possessed by the spirit of a demonic serial killer.

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This time around we get to see lots of returning favorites and Cult of Chucky does not let up with the scares, and yes the dark humor. Nice (Fiona Dourif) who survived the free for fall Curse of Chucky is now in an asylum. She’s been led to believe that she killed her family and that Chucky was just a figment of her imagination. Her doctor (Michael Therriault) then decides it would be a great idea to bring a “Good Guy” Chucky doll to her group therapy.

cult of chucky blu ray giveaway

The patients at the hospital serve to amp up the crazy and help the audience blend reality and fantasy and what’s real and what’s not. This is an asylum after all, so why not up the ante in the crazy department. Chucky of course comes back and starts to off people left and right in crazy and random ways. He kills via broken glass, a drill to the back of the head, smashed skulls, and so many more.

The great thing about Cult of Chucky, and I’m not going to spoil the plot details, because there actually is a plot, convoluted as it is. I will say however that we get to see so many fan favorites it’s pretty epic. It wouldn’t be a Chucky film without Jennifer Tilly, who is once again awesome and Brad Dourif doesn’t miss a beat as the Chuck-ster. The great thing about the Child’s Play/Chucky films is that Don Mancini has written all of them and by now he assumes you’ve seen them all and doesn’t have to give a preponderance of back story. I appreciate this because let’s face it, you should have seen them all.

cult of chucky blu ray giveaway

Chucky is a horror fans nightmarish dream come to life and Cult of Chucky didn’t disappoint me in any way. I loved seeing Alex Vincent back and Fiona Dourif has been a nice addition to the film series as well. It’s a great saga that with every film always makes me jump, squeal, and laugh. That’s saying a lot and I can’t ask for more for a series that’s seven films in.

Cult of Chucky arrives on Blu-ray in a fine transfer thanks to Universal Home Video. The picture looks awesome and very clean. There is little fallout in the darker scenes and the action sequences have little image blur. The fine details, like the fabric in Chucky’s outfit and skin-tone and eyes are excellent and really helped sell the horror for me. The blood red pops, the white backgrounds really allow the colors to come into play when needed.

cult of chucky blu ray giveaway

Special Features available on this release include:

Two cuts of the film, an R rated and an Unrated cut.

There are about five minutes of deleted scenes. Worth watching but not necessary.

Inside the Insanity of Cult of Chucky – This is a look at Chucky’s history, why audiences love him, etc…

Good Guy Gone Bad: The Incarnations of Chucky – This is a look at the doll itself used for the movie.

The Dollhouse – This is a look at the actors in the film.

There is also an audio commentary with Don Mancini and Producer Tony Gardner.

cult of chucky blu ray giveaway

Overall, I have to say, I really liked this film. It brought back so many memories and Chucky really hasn’t lost his step. If you are not familiar with the original films, you might be lost for a bit, but I like the fact that not everything is spoon fed for audiences, this is a film for fans, so make it that way. Highly Recommended!

Cult of Chucky is out now on Blu-ray!

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