Holy Sex And The City! Meeting Miranda And Charlotte! Cynthia Nixon And Kristin Davis! Autographs! And More!

Can I say, there’s a word… a word that gets used a lot. It’s “Epic.” I use it, I hear other people use it, and something was great, but not epic.

This night… I had an EPIC encounter.

Scotty and I headed out to try and spot Cynthia Nixon. She was having a q and a, and we both Love.. .LOVE Sex and the City. One of my favorite shows ever. It’s just amazing. Miranda is just the best.

Scotty had his one sheet boarded and we’ve both been trying to get the girls to sign in pink paint pen… Yeah, we’re nuts. But we’re nuts about Sex and the City.

I’ve been feeling sick all week long and I really had to rally before heading out. But I had to… It was Sex and the City time!

When I got there, Scotty was adjusting the bubble wrap on all his Sex and the City books, and he was clutching his one sheet with due diligence.

I brought my mini poster for the Sex and the City movie as well as my Sex and the City box set. I mean you have to bring the box set.

It was just the two of us, and time was ticking out. No one had arrived and the parking lot wasn’t really closed off. I was getting a little worried to be honest.

Then, just as I thought all hope was lost and we might have missed Cynthia Nixon, I turned and spotted a cluster of people walking to the front. I was like… “Scotty, wait here…” I went to the front and holy crap, there’s Cynthia Nixon walking in. I ran back and flailed like a sick sea lion.

Scotty grabbed the boarded poster and all he couple carry, my adrenaline was pumping so hard I don’t think I was even congested!

We got back to the front just as Cynthia Nixon was going inside.


Then, we had our posters out and I think Cynthia Nixon spotted them and came back outside.

She walked back down the steps and right to us. Dying now. What I didn’t see, was that she was with someone else… Holy fuckcakes, it was Kristin Davis. OMG! Miranda and Charlotte hanging out together. When I realized it was Kristin, I think I squealed. I’m not even lying.

Kristin said, “OMG you didn’t know I was here!”

I don’t even remember what I said, but they were both so so so so nice.

I was flummoxed to say the least and when can you honestly use the word Flummoxed?

Then Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon did group pics with us. OMG, standing between Miranda and Charlotte? I was like… Just… Out of my mind.

Cynthia Nixon kristin davis fan photo sex and the city 5

I can’t even tell you how epic this night was.

I need a pill to calm down.

Until next time kids…

Cynthia Nixon kristin davis signed sex and the city mini poster

Cynthia Nixon kristin davis signed sex and the city dvd set

Cynthia Nixon kristin davis signed sex and the city dvd set

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