Did You Survive SDCC 2014 Hotel-Apocalypse? I’ll Be Honest, I’m Not Sure I Did!

For those of you who are not going to San Diego Comic Con or have never been today was an average Tues. You get up, have some coffee go to the office. For those of us going to SDCC today was Hotel-Apocalypse.

The most stressful thing about SDCC… A hotel room. All the downtown hotels within walking distance to the Convention are put into a lottery and the 400,000 or so people going to the con, stalking the con, and just needing a room for the weekend are put into a bucket and everyone fights Hunger Games style for a place to lay their weary heads.

suddenly susan at san diego comic con sdcc 2013 rare autograph signing wristbands

Suddenly Susan, The Novel Strumpet and myself teamed up to try and find a place.

The interesting this is, this is the one thing at SDCC where everyone fights at the same time, Press, attendees, pre-registered, registered, we’re all in the same boat kids.

I got my reservation in around 9:01, Suddenly Susan a little after, but that could be too late. And then, I will have a panic attack. It will be breathing into bags and making my friends pat me on the head… which will result in lots of chairs because I’m frakkin tall.

mike the fanboy at San Diego comic con sdcc 2013 the crowd waiting to get in line cosplay

I placed two calls in a mad sweaty panic to Suddenly Susan, 1. I thought I picked all the hotels near the airport and 2. I thought I submitted twice.

The Novel Strumpet only got one text, so she got off easy. Sigh…

I did pick hotels in walking distance thank God, but now… We have to wait… The dreaded wait…

billy beer and erica at san diego comic con 2013 signing autographs day 1 039

So, did you all survive hotel-Apocalypse?

I hear two minutes was a late time and a minute was average.

The fascinating thing was I was shaking, I had a plan, couldn’t remember anything, in the back of my head I kept saying, “Pick an H hotel, an H hotel!” Why who knows? It was in my head.

san diego comic con logo rare sdcc 2013 2014

For those of you who think I’m a crazy person and have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, consider yourself lucky.

Let’s all say prayers and chat and burn a candle we get a room this year.

billy wearing the promo Bones comic con promo glove a san diego comic con 2012 sdcc

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