Dirty Dancing Reunion! Jennifer Grey and Kenny Ortega Head To Street Food Cinema For the 30th Anniversary Of The Classic Film!

Last night, Saturday, September 2nd Street Food Cinema had a special 30th Anniversary screening of Dirty Dancing and welcomed special guests Jennifer Grey and choreographer Kenny Ortega  there was a Q&A before the film which was held at  Will Rogers State Historic Park in Los Angeles.  

Street Food Cinema is also donated a portion of the profits to the Red Cross, in honor of Houston native and the the films male lead Patrick Swayze.

The Street Food Cinema founders have strong family ties to the Red Cross and Houston. Steve Allison was raised in Houston and he still has family in the community, and Heather Hope-Allison has had a strong family bond with the Red Cross since 1993. The local Red Cross assisted her family after their house fire in Ohio, her mother Lorna, a well-known local artist created a painting for them which was turned into a puzzle. In fact one of Hope-Allison’s first events was a Red Cross fundraiser.

Check out the photos from the event below!

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