Do You Know What Grinds My Gears? Fanboy Troubles! Sound Off On Your Fanboy Issues!

We are back with what grinds your gears fanboys and fangirls!

grinds my gears

Before we get onto this week’s new gear grinders, we have some reader submissions…

You know what grinds their gears?

Paul Says: Drivers who ram through alleys and force barricades to open up…

Scott Says: People who show up to the opening of an envelope.

Susan Says: When the person next to you in line tells an actor how much they love one of their movies. Then you tell that same autograph seeker how much you also adore that movie and they say, ‘oh, I’ve never seen it’.

Those are amazing! Now remember to please comment, we want to know what grinds YOUR gears!

Are you ready?


DO YOU KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS… When some D-List Tom, Dick, and Harry doesn’t sign for the four fans waiting…

Mark duplass ignoring fans jimmy kimmel live 2014 2

DO YOU KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS… When an event publicist releases a list of twenty or more celebrity expected guests and no one sh0ws…

hollywood walk of fame barren streets of hollywood3

DO YOU KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS… When some fan calls over some C-list actor, so everyone else begins to call the same name, and the actor that really matters is missed in the commotion.


DO YOU KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS… When you post a photo on facebook of an actor signing, along with the autograph, and someone comments, “What’s the address?”

annoying do not be annoying sign rare poster promo nurse hot

DO YOU KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS… When a celebrity says I’m not signing such and such, and that’s the only thing you have…

Sexy sad fangirls rejected by steve carrell11

What grinds your gears? Comment down below! We’ll include the best ones on the next post!

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