Dallas Makes America Great Again After Meeting Donald Trump! Autographs! Selfies! And More!

There are so many different kinds of collector’s out there, and Dallas is a collector of political figures. If you recall he met Hillary and Bill Clinton earlier and now he’s done a recap about meeting Donald Trump.

Now, I’m not political in general and while Donald Trump isn’t my candidate I still thought I would share. After all, the Donald is a reality show star right?

Dallas has had some hits and misses with The Apprentice star.

Check out Dallas recaps below!

Dallas from SC here….Okay….this is going to be a weird article…I’m going to write about all five times I saw Donald Trump on the campaign trail…so this is going to be a mix of a fanboy fail article, nice IP success article, fanboy complains about getting crushed at a barricade article….lol. Sounds fun, right? Let’s get started.

I’m a Democrat. Yeah, it’s really weird for people to hear those words come out of someone from South Carolina’s mouth…but I’m just going to front my post with that. If you had told me a year ago that Donald Trump, the billionaire who I loved watching on the reality TV show The Apprentice, was going to be the frontrunner for the Republican ticket to be the next president of the United States of America I would have laughed in your face. (I still can’t even believe it to this day, but I’m starting to come to terms with it..lol…though it still scares the hell out of me.)

November 24, 2015- Myrtle Beach, SC

Okay so it’s still early on in the political 2016 cycle, I was a big fan of The Apprentice when it was on, I think Donald was hysterical…I’m going to join the nutsos and witness “the show” I thought for Donald to campaign for president lol…..then they announced two days before that so many people had signed up for tickets they had to move the location to a bigger venue, he was going to come to our convention center…so I had printed my 8 by 10 photo, I was like a kid in a candy shop excited to get to meet Donald, expecting a normal political rally where they give their stump speech then shake hands and do selfies….I get there at 2pm for a 7pm rally, doors open at 5 and I knew I wanted a good spot, but when I arrived there was already more than 100 people there. I was blown away since it was that early. I get my second row chair, I think I’ve got a great view. Then 10,000 people show up to the convention center, all the seats are taken, its 30 minutes before event is supposed to start, then they let about 1000 people that arrived really late stand infront of our chairs and along the barricade….so my 5 hours early was a waste…and the people in wheelchairs on the front row couldn’t see anything at all. LOL. Outwalks Donald at 715, followed by the entire Trump family…I mean Melania, Ivanka, Donald Jr., Melania’s parents, everyone…the crowd goes nuts…it was the first time Melania had ever been on the campaign trail, we had no clue to expect this. And after the speech, the barricades are full, I get a spot, I see most of the family is leaving, I shout out to Ivanka to please come over, she turned around and waved, and kept walking….lol. She didn’t stop for anyone. Melania stopped for one person I saw from a paparazzi video. Then I notice my spot sucks so I run around the barricade looking for an opening, I go down near the end right near the curtain, I’m in like the second row Donald goes all up and down each side of the barricade for the thousands of people fighting for his attention in about 5 minutes. He was right infront of me and I’m waving my photo but he completely skips it. I noticed he mostly only signed his campaign stuff. So…Fanboy Fail. I go home with nothing except a ton of Trump for President stuff….literally my car was loaded with posters and buttons and stickers….he gave away so much stuff.

January 16, 2016 – Myrtle Beach, SC

Mr. Trump is scheduled to fly into Myrtle Beach and do a short 45 minute speech at a Tea Party Convention, tickets are too expensive and I wasn’t wasting money to sit in there with a bunch of people whose political views I don’t share…..so, yeah I didn’t go. I have heard of multiple people getting Trump at the airport though….and since he dissed me in November with my 8 by 10….I figured I’d bring some campaign posters and one of his books with me…I get to the private airport at like 1:30 his speech is scheduled for 4, I kinda just sit there and camp out near the gate….the plane doesn’t land until 3:40….there’s about 10 people gathered to see him, I’m the only grapher though…and he lands on the plane, gets in to the SUV, about 5 police cars in front of and behind him, and they speed right by us……one guy said he waved but it was so fast I didn’t even see it. LOL.

Donald Trump Signed autograph photo

Donald Trump Signed autograph photo

I go home for a few minutes since I’m so close to the airport, and figured, why not, I went back to see if he would stop on the way back in…..and now there’s only 3 people waiting, but he drives right passed us again :/ I did see him wave this time. He looked happy to see us….but still didn’t stop. Watching the plane take off was pretty epic though I’m not going to lie. His 757 is awesome. Fanboy Fail again.

February 15, 2016- Mt Pleasant, SC

Still have been bummed about getting dissed by Donald at the airport..I wake up at 7:05am….and theres a notification on my phone that Donald has just announced a town hall at a Holiday Inn in Mt Pleasant, SC about an hour and a half from my house, at noon. In a matter of thirty five seconds, I grab my 8 by 10, a Trump 2016 campaign poster, a copy of his book Crippled America, and off to Mt. Pleasant I went…I get there are there’s no one there…at 9am….three hours before the event…..I sit for like an hour….a campaign worker thanks me for coming and says I should have no problem getting Mr. Trump to sign an autograph for me, and I sit there for another hour, and there’s still no one there at all..I’m so confused. It’s 11 oclock, and finally cars pull in, and the people that arrive tell me this is a private ticketed luncheon with Mr. Trump that sold out instantly yesterday….there was no info about that on the news, and the lady didn’t mention it to me. LOL. After driving two hours and sitting for three hours, I’m angry…luckily another two or three people show up, not knowing it was ticketed, we decided to wait by the road behind the hotel, hoping he’ll stop and roll down his window to greet us. I ask the lady beside me if she would hold my photo and wave it. Motorcade shows up, keeps driving past us, he waves, then we notice it stop and he’s getting out in the open….we run, security attempts to stop us, I yell, DONALD IVE BEEN HERE FOR FOUR HOURS I WAS THE FIRST PERSON HERE WILL YOU PLEASE SIGN MY BOOK at the top of my lungs. Literally was so frustrated at that point. He heard me. Stops. Looks me up and down, then takes his fingers and motions come here, and let’s me pass through the security…I was floored, I don’t even remember what I said I was just like Thank you so much, I’ve tried to meet you before and couldn’t, I hand him the book, he hands it back to me, then I said could you do the poster too.

Donald Trump signing autographs 2016 presidential primary 1

He does it. I don’t even notice, but the lady that was with me also ran up there, and she gets the 8 by 10 photo I had printed signed for herself…and I don’t have the heart in me to take it from her…even though I really wanted it. lol.

Donald Trump signing autographs 2016 presidential primary 1

As he was about to leave, I said can we get a really quick picture, I was shaking, I knew he was late and in a hurry, and I got a half of a selfie…you can tell its me and him and that’s all that matters, even though I cut my face in half and he looks angry.

Donald Trump signing autographs 2016 presidential primary 1

I walk back to the car feeling accomplished and open the book to look at the signature, it’s not signed anywhere, I’m like what?? Then I realize he signed the actual cover of the book. lol. I was kinda bummed with that, but it still looked good. It was a successful day (and I had even more success that night at another event…thats another article though..)

Donald Trump signing autographs 2016 presidential primary 1

February 19, 2016 – Pawleys Island, SC

This was my most stressful day of political graphing ever. At 7am I was at an event for Ted Cruz, I met him got graphs and a selfie, but was dissed by the Duck Dynasty Commander Phil Robertson who was campaigning with Ted, he didn’t stop to meet anyone. Then I went to an 11am event to try to meet Marco Rubio, but he had plane malfunctions and canceled the event right before it was about to start. I didn’t have time to get back downtown to Myrtle Beach for a 12pm event Donald was having and I would have been very late for it anyway, but I knew he had a 3 oclock event about 30 minutes away from Myrtle in Pawleys Island….I decide to drive down there, get in line, it’s at a country club, in a really small building, I’m like 4th person there, and we’re told this event only seats 300 people, its a town hall, he’s taking questions. I get inside, get a front row chair, I’m right behind him, I found myself on TV after the event so I have some great shots of me and Donald from that LOL. It was interesting seeing him in such a lowkey setting….he gave some actual political answers to questions, seemed more presidential. I had my Crippled America book with me hoping to get the inside done and another photo I had printed. As the speech wrapped up he greeted the people in front of him for a while (I was behind)…and it looked like he wasn’t going to come our way, he was just going to leave, but we started calling for him, he came over really quickly, I had my photo and book open, he ignored the photo, but did the book and signed a couple dollar bills for people around me (there was zero campaign material being passed out here…it was so weird), then he was gone. I had too much stuff in my hands, so I wasn’t able to try for a better selfie, but I did walk away with one more autograph. Good event. Then I get home from Pawleys, and find out Marco Rubio has rescheduled his 11am event for 10 pm that night, and I ended up going back out that night to meet him. I was exhausted. Such a stresser.

March 9, 2016 – Fayetteville, NC

So the SC primary is over, I happened to be in North Carolina (I was there with family/meeting Bill Clinton) and found out that Donald was doing an event in Fayetteville, North Carolina the next day when I planned to go home….I was already about 4 hours from home going the way I knew, the event was 1 hr 45 minutes from me, then about 2 1/2 to my house from there, so it wasn’t that far out of my way, and my friend Taylor from OH that I’d been chatting with online was in NC for the week and planned to go to the event, so I drove down there to meet him and go. Luckily Taylor got there at around 1pm (he’s a mega Donald fan) for that 7pm rally where doors would open at 5, and he texted me that there was already atleast 150 people there and glad he got there early. I showed up at around 215ish and met up with Taylor…the line continues to grow and grow….once we finally got in, you had to enter security on the upper level, and then walk around the coliseum inside and then down the stairs to get to the platform he’d be speaking and the chairs around it, so we rushed as fast as possible, got seats about 6 rows back maybe on the end…things weren’t looking great as far as meeting him, they passed out bumperstickers and so many campaign posters, I left with another big stack lol……when Donald finally walked out about 710pm, the crowd erupted, he was by himself this time, not with the family, and we were still standing to see him, just about to sit when Taylor noticed people leaving there seats and rushing to the barricade, he signaled me, and we ran up to it, and it was the smartest decision we could have made…thank god for him. Haha. So many people crowded up there, and he started his stump speech about bombing the hell out of isis, yadda yadda yadda, build the wall, yadda yadda…..and then the protestors started. Yes, this is the crazy event with 17 individiaul protestors during his speech, and the one where the 70 year old white dude sucker punched the black guy. This event was insane. I turned to Taylor during the speech and said I don’t know if security will even let him sign in this….its a madhouse…but when the speech ended, he came off the stairs and right directly to us, and I swear I have never been so violated pushed and shoved at a barricade in my life….it was about ten people deep…Taylor managed to get his book autographed, I held out my photo, Trump signed it, handed it back to me…I held on to my stuff for dear life, fumbled looking for something else I could give him to sign without hitting people in the head with a poster (atleast I was nice…others around me not so much)….and found the bumpersticker we were given, and reached really far as he had already moved on, and managed to get his attention and get that signed too. At that point, we were being pushed and shoved so hard from the people Trump had skipped, and we knew he hasn’t coming back that way, so Taylor and I got the hell out of there….climbed up the stairs to the top of the coliseum to exit, looking down at the madhouse on the floor of all the people trying to get to him was insane. I still don’t know how I managed to get 2 things signed that night….there was no way at all to hold my phone and items so I couldn’t get a picture there either…I found myself in some paparazzi shots though.

Donald Trump Signed autograph photo

Donald Trump Signed autograph photo

So yeah….if anyone read all of this, I commend you and applaud you. LOL. It’s a mess….but it really is an EVENT each time you see Mr. Trump on the campaign trail, it’s been over a month since I saw him last and frankly I’m still tired from that day 😛

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