Manic Mondays! Because Sunday, Monday Are Happy Days For Pinky! Meeting The Cast Including Donny Most! And More!

Sunday, Monday… Happy Days!

Who didn’t love Happy Days? I mean.. Really, it was such an iconic show. I loved Marion Ross as Mrs. C, Henry Winkler, and the cast. I can’t believe it ran for so long! My goodness. Shark jumping included, but it was an iconic staple.

As you can imagine, Pinky loves the series as well, and had her fangirl heart set on meeting the cast. Well, this past week one of her wishes came true!

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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here pleased as punch to have met another cast member from one of my favorite shows growing up, Happy Days.

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As you may have heard, Happy Days was where it all began for me in terms of the celebrity thing, as I used to kiss a poster of Fonzie before I went to bed every night when I was only five years old. As you can imagine, when I finally met Fonzie himself (aka Henry Winkler), I thought my little head might explode.

happy days rare logo henry winkler promo 1970s record neon lights

Throughout the years I’ve been lucky to meet additional cast members like Ron Howard, Anson Williams, Cathy Silvers (love her!), Ted McGinley, and Scott Baio and always get super excited. This past week Donny Most performed at a local jazz club and was amazing on stage. I loved his character “Ralph Malph” (was I the only one who thought it was “Ralph Mouth”?), so I was thrilled to get to meet him after the show.

happy days cast photo

Plus, I love that he closed the show by singing a bit from the theme song from Happy Days (I dare you to get that song out of your head now!). My only regret is that I didn’t stay longer as apparently Cathy Silvers and Anson were both in the audience (and Anson even joined Donny on stage!). Bummed I missed that little reunion, but thrilled to have added another picture to my group.

happy days cast fan photo selfie signing autographs rare  1

When I posted a collage I’d made on Facebook the other day, Cathy Silvers not only shared it, but added the lovely note, “Happy Days Loves You!” How amazing is that? Happy Days are here, indeed!
happy days cast fan photo selfie signing autographs rare  1

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