Dreaming Of An A-List Lifestyle? Tips To Achieve Stardom!

The A-list lifestyle may seem inaccessible but everyone has to start somewhere. If you have aspirations to be a star, don’t write them off as impossible dreams just yet. The people you see on stage and screen probably thought that they would never make it at times, and most will have experienced rejection. If you want to give it a shot, here are some tips. 


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Develop your skills and talents

Your skills and talents are what will set you apart in an incredibly competitive industry. Whether you want to act, design, write, play or perform music or produce or direct movies or shows, it’s beneficial to devote time, energy and effort to honing your skills and developing your talents. There is always room for improvement, and dedication and hard work can make all the difference. Take classes, rehearse and practice regularly and look for ways to diversify your skill set. 


Learn from the best

One of the best ways to learn your trade and perfect your craft is to learn from others. Look to the people you respect and admire, read books and interviews, and consider taking classes or attending lectures. Travis Preston with CalArts is an excellent example of a high-profile stage director who has passed on advice and nuggets of wisdom to others through teaching, workshops and talks. It is interesting and incredibly useful to listen to people who have already been on the journey and to learn from their experiences. It’s also helpful to gain an understanding of what life would be like if you did manage to land a role in a show, have your music played on the radio or see your name on the credits of a hit TV series. 



Networking is hugely beneficial in the entertainment industry. Getting to know people and attending events can open doors and provide access to opportunities. Look out for events and gatherings and start building a contact list. If you’ve never been to a networking event or a social occasion that involves meeting industry insiders before, it’s natural to be nervous and apprehensive. Be confident, take a business card with you and show an interest in talking to people and learning about what they do. You never know who you might meet, and one chance encounter could grant you the golden opportunity you’ve been dreaming of. 


Hire an agent

Agents represent talented individuals looking for work, and they act as a go-between. If you don’t already have an agent, and you’re serious about being an actor, a performer or a musician, it’s worth spending some time looking for an agent. Always make sure that you check portfolios and ask questions to ensure that your agent is legitimate, take your time to explore every detail of contracts before you sign on the dotted line, and read reviews and testimonials. You want to hire an agent that has your best interests at heart rather than somebody who is solely out to make as much money as possible.  


Do you dream of being a star? If so, there are steps you can take to boost your chances of securing a shot at the big time. Take these tips on board today!

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