Photo Flops! Billy Says It’s Free Money Baby! After Meeting Parks And Rec’s Jean-Ralphio AKA Ben Schwartz But His Photo… It’s A Flop! Doh!

“K to the N to the O P E, she’s the dopest littler shorty in all Pawnee. Indiana.”

Who doesn’t love Parks and Recreation? Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?!

Billy is a huge fan of the show and often in common conversation says things like, “That’s too much responsibility. I gotta find a way out of this” or “I hope you brought a change of clothes. Your eyes are about to piss tears.”

Who do I blame for Billy’s inherent lack of street cred? Jean-Ralphio AKA Ben Schwartz! He was so funny in the series!

Billy was able to meet Ben but sadly… His photo… Was a flop!

Ben Schwartz meeting fans photo flop Jean-Ralphio 2

Boom! Explosions!

What can we do right?

Check out Billy’s Photo Flop below… It’s “Free money” baby!

Ben Schwartz meeting fans photo flop Jean-Ralphio 2

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