Dolemite Goodness! Meeting Eddie Murphy and Blade Himself Wesley Snipes! Autographs and More!

There are days when you head out on the town, not expecting much but hoping that their might be a bit of good fortune.

Tonight is a q and a with icons Eddie Murphy and Blade himself Wesley Snipes.

Scotty and I headed out and hoped for the best.

I had my Trading Places poster that Dan Aykroyd signed, as well as my Golden Child poster and Beverly Hills Cop II counter standee.

For Wesley Snipes I had a couple Blade posters as well as my Blade II VHS counter stand promo.

There were only like 8 people milling about so, you never know.

Scotty didn’t have anything for Wesley Snipes so he was happy to help me. I’ve wanted to get Wesley Snipes for a long long time now.

The first drop was Wesley Snipes and he was super early. I kind of tripped out and Wesley Snipes said, he would sign one each.

He was really nice and signed my VHS promo and then in my haste I never gave anything to Scotty… Doh!

Then I threw him a poster and he got my Blade II poster signed, even though I would rather have my Blade one poster, but shit, I’m not complaining. LOL.

Well… Even if we don’t get Eddie Murphy, I feel like I’m still ahead.

When Eddie arrived, he waved and went inside. Doh… Okay, he was a little rushed in terms of time… So… We just wait.

Of course about 10 more people arrive and we all try and line up.

Eddie was leaving and looked over. He came towards us and grabbed a blue pen. He singed my Trading Places poster, which looks awesome. Eddie Murphy also signed my Golden Child poster as well.

He signed quite a bit. I don’t know if everyone got one, but he did signed a lot.

It was a super successful night! I’m shocked but super happy!

Until next time kids…

Eddie Murphy dan aykroyd signed trading places poster autograph

wesley snipes signed autograph blade II poster

wesley snipes signed autograph blade II counter standee stand display

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