Elizabeth Banks Got Booed By Fans On The Red Carpet Of The Berlin Film Festival! Wait… She’s Not Nice?! Nooooo….

There are times, when you just go. Ah, it’s good to be right.

Every time I do a best or worst list, someone is always like, “Oh but wait… So and so is super nice.”

Well, when the Hollywood Reporter talks about how fans turn on you… That’s a sign you should chance your ways.

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In The Hollywood Reporter they talked about Elizabeth Banks flipping the bird on the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival. Do you want to know why… She was getting booed by fans for being so nasty.

This is what the Hollywood Reporter said:

“It seems Elizabeth Banks isn’t afraid to flip the bird. On Feb. 8, at the Berlin Film Festival premiere of Love & Mercy, her movie about The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, the actress was caught giving no one but two fingers of the red carpet.

An onlooker tells THR it appeared she was responding to fans who booed her for rushing past them without signing enough autographs. In 2015, Banks flipped off paparazzi after photos took an invasive pic of her at a Beverly Hills hair salon.”

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I just think it’s interesting that a major publication reported on something like this. Now, do I advocate booing someone, well… Not really, but you know when your so nasty to people that fans on several continents agree, I think that there’s a consensus.

Come on Elizabeth Banks, maybe you should lighten up!

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