Elizabeth Moss Goodness! Billy Beer Meets The Handmaid’s Tale Star At Vulture Festival! Autographs and More!

Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool. Since Mike’s Mom is in town, I didn’t want him to have to spend all his time writing articles. I figured he’d be busy making her go to Costco to buy him food for the next 2-3 months. So while that’s happening, I’ll write a couple of articles.

This was my second time going to Vulture Fest. Still didn’t know what to expect. Last time I went for Chloe Grace Moretz she did stop to take a picture with someone, but then rushed off the stage.

The main focus for Elisabeth’s Q&A was her movie “Her Smell”, but they went into a number of movies and TV shows she’s been on. Of course Handmaids Tale and Mad Men were discussed along with the movie US.

The Q&A was everything I expected. She really doesn’t have a filter, and is a joy to listen too. She seems to take her work very seriously, but don’t take herself too serious. There were a lot of laughs and some great stories.

When it was finished, she started to go to the exit. Luckily another person was able to ask her for a picture and autograph giving me the time to get over there too. I didn’t want to over do it, so I just had her sign my Handmaids Tale cast piece I needed her on. Then she was nice enough to take a picture too. We talked about the Cubs for a hot second, then she continued to take pictures with other audience members.

All-in-all it was a fun event. Elisabeth is always one of the nice ones!

Until next time.

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