Meeting Mary Poppins Herself, Ms. Emily Blunt! But Taron Egerton Disses! Doh! Autographs! And More!

It’s Wednesday, and it was a hellish day. Traffic was hellish, my work day was hellish, it was all hellish.

So what do I do? Run to Hollywood that’s what. I think there’s something wrong with me, I need therapy or something. Shots of vodka perhaps, hard drugs, you know the usual. Anyway, I ran down because I really have wanted Taron Egerton signed my Funko pop and a poster.

Emily Blunt was also on the show and I brought my Mary Poppins poster for her, I hear it’s pretty good, so I’m excited to see it.

When I got there, I bet there were 80 people lined up… OMG… Seriously, 80 people. I was kind of shocked.

I talked to Scotty and saw a few other people I knew, I haven’t been this venue in forever but hey, why I decided to break that streak today is beyond me.

On the way out, Taron Egerton came over! I was super excited.

Then, he was about 1/3 down and his publicist said, “He’s gotta go.” And pulled him.

That was a bummer. :/

About 10 minutes later Emily Bunt was leaving and she came right over. She was super sweet. She literally went down the full line and talked with everyone, did photos and was her adorable self.

I got a really terrible selfie with her, that I will be sharing as a photo flop. See, it’s not just Billy who gets a photo flop. lol.

At least we were one for two!

Until next time kids…

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