Manic Monday! Heartbreak! Joy! Crushing Defeat! And The Loss Of A Memory Card! Doh! All In The Name Of Meeting Emma Thompson!

Manic Monday Time!
Sorry, this was a tad late but I’ve been a little crazed… A little is an understatement! LOL… Anyway, last night Ms. Pinky put her best foot forward and was able to plow through the madness and got a photo with Emma Thompson! Who I love of course!

Check out her full recap, it’s so adorable!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here freezing in sunny (but cold) California. Now, I was all set to talk about a celeb from the ‘70s or ‘80s (you know, my usual beat), but after my experience last night I was inspired to change my tune today, as I believe kind and generous celebrities should be rewarded. As much as we like to bitch and moan about celebs who disappoint us, we should take the time to embrace and celebrate the ones who delight and surprise us.


Last night I had the privilege of meeting Emma Thompson and I could not have been more thrilled to see her in person. I’d heard tales of her being super nice, but, still, you never know. Obviously people have good and bad days and you never know how each experience will play out. But true to her hype, Emma Thompson was amazing. When she arrived to a Q&A, she came right over to meet the waiting fans (there were about 20 of us there at the time, maybe more).


From what I understand, she said something along the lines of, “I’m not in a great mood, but I’ll do one each” and proceeded to sign one thing for each person. Of course, some people started being greedy (per usual), but she’d look at them and say, “Didn’t I sign for you already?” (in her British accent that makes everything sound lovely). There were a lot of us, and she took a good amount of time signing autographs. Now, it’s especially hard for me in these situations because:

1. I’m very short,
2.I’m not a fan of pushing and shoving to the front, and
3. I’m usually not getting anything autographed, so it’s not like I could just shove a poster over people’s heads.

Cartoon Of Crowd Pushing And Shoving

Getting photo ops is a real challenge among a hoard of autograph collectors, but slowly I inched my way up to the front. I thought I’d heard, “No pictures” but then a girl asked Emma for a picture and she said, “Of course, darling.” By this time I was right by her, so I asked for a picture, as well, and she said, “Sure, let me just do this one first” and took the picture with the other girl (which is fair, as she asked first; I just happened to be closer). Then security started to pull her away and said no more, but I told them she’d said yes and by some miracle, we got the picture together right as she was pulled away to go into the event. Success, right?

smiley face

WRONG. When I finally got out of the middle of the crazed crowd to look at my photo, I saw the most dreaded words ever, “ NO IMAGE FILE.” In my haste to leave my house, I’d left my memory card in my laptop. NOOOOOOOO. I was devastated. OK, yes, I was even crying (don’t judge me) because that picture seemed SO hard to get in that situation. There was no guarantee I’d get another when she left.


My night was wasted! She lives overseas! All was lost! Woe is me! (sorry, I was telling you some of the things going through my head at the time). Here’s where things perked up. When Emma left the event, several collectors around me (who’d seen how upset I was) called out, “Emma, can she please just get a picture. Her camera didn’t work.” These people – most of whom I only know by sight – banded together and helped me get a retake with Emma. Now, granted, Emma on her alleged “bad day” was better than most celebrities on their best days, so I was lucky in that sense.

But I was really touched by not only Emma’s response to her fans, but by my fellow collectors who came out of nowhere to help me out. To those who helped me, THANK YOU. And to Emma Thompson, who let me retake the picture (even though it’s a terrible shot of me because I was still afraid my camera would mess up the new memory card I found), THANK YOU. This hobby can get crazy and insane when dealing with fevered mobs all trying for the same thing and sometimes, after being trapped against more barricades and rails than I care to admit, I really hate everything about it. But it’s times like last night when I’m really happy with the result (even though it seemed like it was going to be a dire night) and inspired by everyone’s kindness.
emma thompson signing autographs rare1

On a practical note, my favorite movie of Emma’s would have to be Love, Actually (because I’m a sucker for that movie), but she was also great in Nanny McPhee, Stranger Than Fiction, and pretty much anything else she’s ever done. I can’t wait to see her in Saving Mr. Banks.


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