Entertainment Weekly Releases Their Two Magazine Covers For Twilight Breaking Dawn! Taylor Lautner! Kristen Stewart! Rob Pattinson!

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Here it comes! The onslaught of Twilightness… I know there are a lot of super fans of the Twilight series, and I will admit that Eclipse was not half bad… Really, see there… I thought New Moon was an embarrassment but you know, in this world, it’s a give and take right?

Now, Entertainment Weekly has released their two covers for the Twilight series, one with Jacob Mr. Taylor Lautner who keeps his shirt on! WHAT! Crazy! And the other featuring Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson!

There are a few photos from the inside pages as well, and this final chapter is supposed to be “Darker” and “More gritty.” Hmmmm grittier than say a human girl giving birth to a vampire baby? Ugh… I don’t want anything to be that gritty!

Check out the rest of the photos below!rob pattinson kristen stewart entertainment weekly photo twilight breaking dawn press still hot sexy promo raretwilight breaking dawn entertainment weekly promo taylor lautner sexy jacob black sexy wet rain muscle abs entertainment weekly twilight breaking dawn magazine cover press still vampire kristen stewart taylor lautner Dakota Fanning Nikki Reed ashley greene maggie grace

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