Photo Flops! Billy Meets Eva Green… But He’s Hungry… Very Hungry! Doh! Check Out His Awesome Photo!

So, Billy Beer stopped by yesterday. He said… I’m not sure if you would call my latest photo a flop or not. I stopped, and thought for approximately .2 seconds. If Billy has to ask me if I think a photo is a flop, it is most Definitely a photo flop. No doubt about it.

Billy met the awesome Eva Green this weekend and she was so nice. Which I love to hear, BTW.

eva green fan photo signing autograph hot sexy   1

Apparently, Billy was very excited to meet Eva, so exited he wanted to eat he face. Billy, if you’re hungry eat before you go out, don’t try to munch on Eva Green. You can like The Walking Dead, just don’t act like The Walking Dead… Except at Comic Con. LOL.

I love this photo! Check it out in it’s full glory below!

eva green fan photo signing autograph hot sexy   1

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