Facts Of Life Fail Friday! Mindy Cohn Disses! But Meeting Florence Henderson! Lily Tomlin! Fred Willard! And More!

The streets of Hollywood… Or North Hollywood in this case are littered with shattered dreams and broken hearts.

My 1980’s Fanboy heart is one of those.

There was an event with a bunch of awesome 1980’s icons. Florence Henderson, Lily Tomlin, Fred Willard, and… Mindy Cohn. Dying now.

Scotty and I headed out, with a furry friend. How cute is Theo I ask you? How cute?

lily tomlin fred willard signing autographs for fans 9

We went down to the theater and waited. I wanted to get there early as well… I’m crazy.

Crazy for The Facts of Life!

Yes, I wore my Facts of Life T-Shirt. Yep, full on fanboy.

Theo was having a fun time, and we hung out for a bit.

lily tomlin fred willard signing autographs for fans 9

Then Mr. Fred Willard arrived. Nice as always, Fred signed my Waiting For Guffman and Best in Show mini posters. He is one of the funniest guys ever.

 fred willard signing autographs for fans 1 fred willard signing autographs for fans 1

So far so good. I figured we would be out of here in a jiffy!

Time was ticking by and my heart stopped. I saw Mindy Cohn drive by looking for parking.

I got my lunchbox and TV Guide that I got signed at the Paley reunion and I was ready. It’s hard to miss a 6’4 dude in a Facts of Life T-Shirt holding a Day-Glo lunchbox!

Then Mindy was gone… We looked, we searched, okay, she’s looking for parking.

Finally she walked up, and was on the telephone scowling. I’m not sure if it was a real call or a fake phone call, but she saw Scotty, Theo and I and turned her heard and ran to the front of the theater.

Like… Really Natalie Green? Really? Damn…

So… We didn’t know what to do? Do you stay, do you go? Do I save my $20 bill for the next time she does The Hollywood Show? Decisions, decisions.

We decided to wait. Sigh…

I also wanted to get Lily Tomlin, who I adore. I have a Big Business and The Incredible Shrinking woman mini poster I want to get done. Plus, she’s a comedy legend.

Right before the show Lily arrived. Scotty got her to sign one for him but then she was rushed inside. Doh! Double Doh!

lily tomlin fred willard signing autographs for fans 3

Now we have to wait.

The cold grew dark and the light was dim.

Theo paced around smelling the street with bated breath.

cute french bulldog theo

What to do? What to Do?

Finally, the show was letting out. Lily Tomlin left first and was a doll! She signed both posters and was so awesome. I just love her. One of the true legends.

cute french bulldog theo

lily tomlin fred willard signing autographs for fans 7

A few more people were leaving.

Florence Henderson was leaving and was really kind. Awwww Mrs. Brady. I didn’t have anything for her to sign, so I got a quick photo.
florence henderson fan photo
We walked to the front, where a few people were milling about.

They said Mindy Cohn left but no one asked her because she scowled at them and they didn’t want to get yelled at. Doh!

And that… As we say, is that. Sigh…

Theo and I licked our wounds… Theo licked his literally. And we headed home with a Facts of Life fail. Doh!

Until next time kids…

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