Fanboy Fail Friday! Pulling The Wrong Photos For Westworld Star Ben Barnes! Doh! SAG Awards Madness!

It’s Fanboy Fail Friday!

This is kind of a fun fail. It didn’t happen to me necessarily, but I was right there and it’s funny because at the SAG Awards it seems like something like this happens every year.

We’ve all done it, something like, “Wait is that really them?” or pulling out the wrong item.

Scotty, Billy and I were really focused on getting a lot of the Westworld people to come over, it’s one of my favorite new shows, I think it’s amazing.

We were calling for Ben Barnes and Billy had all these photos and kept saying how much he liked to show to everyone who was coming over.

sexy ben barnes signing autographs for fans at the words movie premiere with bradley cooper and zoe saldana

So, Ben Barnes comes over, nice as can be. He was so excited and so friendly, he had this big smile on his face and Scotty was freaking out about Westworld and then Billy pulls out this 8×10… Of Rodrigo Santoro.

Ben is about to sign it and then stops… He goes… “Oh… that’s not me.” Hyper deflated, smile gone. I was like, “Oh shit.” The poor guy felt so bad. He was still nice and signed for the rest of us but it wasn’t with the same excitement as before that’s for sure. Doh!

Billy apologized a couple times, but that initial smile wasn’t the same. Doh.

It happens to us all Billy, don’t feel bad!

westworld signed autograph poster thandie newton evan rachel wood psaUntil next time kids…

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