Fall TV Scoop! Billy Sees The Cast Of We Are Men! Jerry O’Connell! Tony Shalhoub! And Checks Out The New CBS Shows! Mom! Hostages! The Millers! And More

Every year the Paley center brings in the casts of some of the new fall shows, and they chat about new their new projects. People get to see the new fall shows and get a sneak peak and what’s hot.

For the first event, Billy gets to see the cast of We Are Men and Checks out the new CBS fall shows. Only some get a passing grade.

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Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool. Well it’s that time of the year 
when you get excited for all those new shows on TV and wonder who’s 
gonna last and who’s not. I was lucky enough get some tickets to some 
of the Paley Center preview nights, ABC, FOX, and CBS. Since Mike 
loves articles so much, I’ll split it into 3. Today’s article will be 
CBS, and we will be joined by the cast of “We Are Men” for a Q & A.

We are men cast q and a jerry o'connell tony shaloub

The first show “We Are Men”

we-are-men promo poster cbs new series key art We are men cast q and a jerry o'connell tony shaloub

There have been a lot of guy buddy comedies that have come out the 
past few years. Where this one uses the same guys trying to get girls 
plot, I actually like it. Each one of the guys has a back story that 
should be able to keep us interested for while. Not going to go into 
big time detail, but basically, guy gets dumped at the alter, moves 
into a short term living complex, meets a trio of guys that try to 
help him get back in the game, while they have issues of their own. 
Tony is really good as the older friend who has already been married 3 
times and likes them young.

Final Grade – B

The second show “The Millers”

the-millers margo martindale beau bridges will arnett promo poster key art rare

Hmmmm, when good actors try and be great. Again, we’re not going into 
to much detail. Brother and sisters parents come to visit, parents 
find out that brother has broken up with his wife and parents decide 
to follow suit. The father moves in with his daughter and the mother 
moves in with son. I love Will Arnet, but I see him more as an 
ensemble actor. What annoys me is the over acting of the mom and dad. 
There are some good moments, I just don’t think it’s got the legs to 
entertain for a whole season.

Final Grade – C-

The third show “Mom”

Mom rare promo movie poster key art anna farris allison janney season 1 poster rare

This one hurts me. Anna Farris is so nice, and so is Allison the one 
time I met her. Basically Anna works at a restaurant, is sleeping with 
the boss who’s married, she’s in AA, had kids at a young age, who are 
now at the age where they are making the same mistakes as her, which 
her mom also made. Basically 3 generations of women who were sexually 
active early, like to drink, and pick losers. Not sure if any of this 
makes sense, which is what I was thinking when I was watching it. The 
first 5 minutes are great if you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, but 
after that. Um Er Um. Have I told you how nice Anna Farris is?? I feel 
bad even writing this. Oh and French Stewart is in it, and pretty much 
does nothing!

Final Grade- D+

The fourth show “The Crazy Ones”

the-crazy-ones robin williams rare promo poster key art sarah michelle gellar rare

Robin Williams AND S.M.G. Are back on TV. Let’s be honest, it’s a 
chance to get Robin back on TV and Sarah is going to enjoy the ride. 
Summary, Robin runs an advertising agency with his daughter, some 
think he’s over the hill, but he still has tricks up his sleeves. It’s 
Robin being Robin. What I love about this show is that there are 
amazing opportunities for guest stars. They bring that in the first 
episode with Kelly Clarkson, and she knocks it out of the park. The 
supporting cast is really good too. If you can handle Robin (which 
sometimes he’s too much for me), you’ll like this show. Not amazing, 
but lots of potential, and I think they’ll live the season to try.

Final Grade- B+

The fifth show “Hostages”

hostages-cbs-poster promo key art toni collette dylan mcdermott rare

So they saved the best for last. Have you missed 24? Well IT’S BACK!!! 
But they call it Hostages. Kidnapping and trying to kill the President 
with a million twists and turns. But I’ll tell you what, I can’t wait! 
Although Jack won’t be there to kick ass and choke people out, Toni 
(who hates me but loves Mike and Scotty) is pretty bad ass too. I 
don’t want to ruin anything, but I’m looking forward to this one.

Final Grade- A- (you’d get an A, but no Cuthbert)


Up next FOX!!!

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