Family Guy Volume 12 DVD Review! The Television Classic Celebrates 200 Episodes!

I think it’s fair to say that Family Guy has become an American institution. After developing a cult following, Family Guy was cancelled by Fox and then brought back to the network after a successful syndication run. God Bless animated series for being able to do that with relative ease.

For those of you who have never seen an episode of Family Guy it follows the exploits of Peter and Lois Griffin and their children Meg, Chris and Stewie who live in Rhode Island with their pet dog Brian. Filled with pop culture references and random non sequiturs, Family Guy has proven to be one of the most hilarious series ever broadcast on television.

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With the release of Family Guy Volume 12 the Griffins celebrate a huge milestone, their 200th episode. That’s a great accomplishment for any series. This season set covers 2012-2013 and contains all 22 episodes in a two disc set.

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Highlights include:

Into Fat Air: Lois and Peter have dinner with Lois Ex Ross. To keep up with the joneses, Peter takes the family to an expedition to Mount everest, and on the way back they end up in the middle of a storm and end up becoming cannibals.

family guy volume 12 promo still photo rare into fat air

Roads To Vegas: At Quahog Gay Pride, Brian wins tickets to see Celine Dion in Las Vegas. Stewie convinces Brian to use his new teleportation device instead and then makes a duplicate version of Brian and Stewie.

family guy volume 12 promo still photo rare roads to vegas

Yug Ylimaf: The title being Family Guy spelled backwards, this is the series 200th episode. Brian goes to a bar to get a date and brings a girl back to his house to see his time machine. He travels back to important events in history to hilarious results.

Space Cadet: Chris is doing bad in school and The Griffins are worried. Chris then gets the family to send him to Space Camp where the entire family is accidentally sent to space.

family guy volume 12 promo still photo rare roads to vegas

Turban Cowboy: Peter, Joe and Quagmire hang out at the Drunken Clam and decide to shake their lives up. They decide to go skydiving, and Peter falls in love with despite Lois protesting.

Total Recall: Peter gets sick and his voice gets deeper which turns Lois on. When he gets better, his voice goes back to normal and Lois no longer finds him attractive. So Peter decides to get sick again, and then becomes deathly ill.

family guy volume 12 promo still photo rare

Family Guy Volume 12 has excellent picture quality, even though I would have loved to see it on blu-ray. For a standard definition release the quality is superb. The colors are rich and the sound quality is excellent.
This season of Family Guy, has an impressive list of guest stars including Ryan Reynolds, Elizabeth Banks, Sofia Vergara, Drew Barrymore, and more. Plus, the special features are a bonanza for animation fans.

family guy volume 12 promo still photo rare

There are commentary tracks on seven episodes with the cast and crew, over 20 minutes of deleted scenes, a 200 episode retrospective, the 200th episode table read, side by side commentary on Total Recall and my favorite bonus feature the 2012 Comic Con panel.

family guy volume 12 promo still photo rare

Overall, this is an amazing DVD release. The standard version DVD notwithstanding, it’s a fine fit for any collection. The bonus features alone are worth the purchase price point and even for the casual fan it will make a fine addition to any collection.

Family Guy Volume 12 is out now on DVD

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