The Top Actors Who Love Gaming! Leo! Ray Romano! And More!

Celebrities are a special breed, they’re often famous actors who have access to some of the best casinos in the world and can partake in some of the most lucrative online poker games out there. There are a few famous actors out there who cannot get enough of a solid live dealer online casino, in which they engage in some of their favorite games from the comforts of their big homes and private jets. There are a few actors out there who are not only interested in gambling but who actually sign up for larger gambling championships as a sport.

This article aims to shed light on some of the most famous actors out there who love a good gamble.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Starting it off strong, Leonardo DiCaprio is known for enjoying a good game or two of gambling. If you’ve seen his movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, you will see that just as the character he plays, in real life, he is not afraid of taking a chance. This becomes really evident in his style of play for gambling. As DiCapriois a famous actor with a hefty investment bankroll, he can access any gambling house out there but funnily enough, reports say that he actually quite enjoys playing at home, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. This does not mean that he doesn’t visit the grandest casinos in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas but just that he has found a good balance between the two spheres of physical and digital.



Ray Romano

Another great actor who is known for the series “Everybody Loves Raymond” is actually quite a fan of poker. In fact, he actually regularly participates in the World Poker Series. He has never won but the fact that he is a famous actor with immense acting skills, who also knows how to put on a good show at the World Poker Series is something that rarely happens. Ray Romano has often spoken about the fact that it isn’t about the wins or the losses that intrigue him but much more the quiet, thoughtful and maneuvering moments that he lives for. He says that he was a huge fan of poker even before he got famous, as he always enjoyed playing cards or games where there was a bet on the line. He once spoke of often playing Craps with his friends in his early adulthood, just for the fun of it and betting on who would pay for the pizza but nonetheless, the notion of playing games was and is something that he has always enjoyed.

Ben Affleck

One of the most famous actors in the 21st century is none other than a keen gambler. Ben Affleck is said to have only started gambling after his first movie success working alongside Matt Damon in the class “Goodwill Hunting” movie. With the fame that came with that movie, he was suddenly allowed entry into some of the most lucrative casinos. What one cannot forget is that through fame, these actors are also able to access certain rooms that the normal person might not. They can play with other famous actors and sometimes even royalty. Meaning that it sometimes isn’t only about the poker or the blackjack but rather about the networking and the crowd that comes with it. Ben Affleck is said to enjoy a game of poker much like Ray Romano, however, he does not enjoy partaking in the big championships, as he is more laid back and prefers the smaller crowds when it comes to gambling.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the above, there are a good many actors who enjoy a round of gambling. They are said to revel in the excitement of the game and the quietness that surrounds in. What their current favorite games are is hard to say but it’s clear to see that poker is surely top on their list. With their access to fancy casinos and ability to log into the best digital live dealer games, who could blame them for loving the game?

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