Fanboy Fail Friday! Suddenly Susan Fails In Triplicate For Chris Pratt! Just Missing The Guardians Of The Galaxy Star! Doh!

Oh the fail de fanboy.

We’ve all had them. Here Suddenly Susan gets hers in triplicate! Doh!

Chris Pratt is the man of the hour that’s for sure, and Suddenly Susan has gone out for him a few times with no success. The irony is that he’s a super cool dude. What can you do right? You just never know!

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With all the hoopla surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy and America’s new sweetheart, Chris Pratt, I thought I’d take a moment and reflect on the three (yes three) fails I sustained.

The year: 2103. The place: Burbank, CA.

Chris was scheduled to appear at a talk show taping so I headed down with a Parks & Recs photo and a Starlord photo. This was the comic book version, as filming had not yet even begun on Guardians.

There were only a few people waiting – maybe 5 total – Billy Beer was one of them. The town cars whooshed past us upon arrival. Strike one.

bill beer waiting and pondering life Harrison ford signing autographs and greetin fans tonight show 005

So, we waited. There’s always the risk of picking up audience members who are leaving. They either figure out that they are walking past the exit lot, just wander like looky Lous, or stand taking photos outside, etc. Luckily, everyone left accordingly. Both town cars came out shortly after, minutes apart, and honestly, we couldn’t even tell who was in either car. It’s difficult with the tinted windows, and the cars don’t always get stopped at the light. On this day, both had the green light and zipped right past.

chris pratt starlord gif

It’s certainly a double fail, but not on Chris’ part by any means. I’m sure he didn’t even see us, or could have had his head turned the other way right at that moment, so I’m not going to judge him at all. Especially since I’ve only heard wonderful things about him.

guardians of the galaxy signed mini poster dave bautista chris pratt

Cut to one week later and another talk show appearance. I had made plans to go and once again equipped myself with those same two photos and a fully charged camera. As luck (again bad) would have it, I got stuck at work. I couldn’t make it out in time for arrivals or exits. Sadness. Then I read Scott’s awesome recap of how it was just hand Chris – not another soul waiting. Greater sadness.

2013 Chris Pratt fan photo hot sexy parks and recreation star rare

Three fails – none the fault of the actor – just bad luck and timing on my side. I missed my window. From this moment on it shall be very difficult to get Mr. Pratt.

Such is the hobbyist life.

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