Fanboy Fail Friday! Disses From Christopher Guest! The Waiting For Guffman Star Gives The Shaft To Three People!

It’s Fanboy Fail Friday!


This past week or so, I was really excited. I headed out to a rare appearance by Christopher Guest. He was doing a talk at a small theater here in Los Angeles and Scotty even came to help me out.

Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, etc… All some of my favorite films of all time.

There were only three of us waiting, so I figured this would be easy enough.

PrincessBride_129Pyxurz 2

Literally, there were three people. I mean, in this day and age, that’s almost a miracle. There is always like 10 people waiting. So with three, I thought, okay, this could happen.

We saw Christopher Guest pull in and park.

I was like.. Okay here we go.

He was unloading stuff from his car and we waited until he was done. He was walking towards us and I said, “Mr. Guest, would you might signing an autograph really quick, There’s only a few of us.”

He said, “I’m going to put this down (referring to his tiny case that he was holding) Maybe I’ll come back out.”

I was like… “Okay, thank you, I appreciate it.” and….

PrincessBride_129Pyxurz 2

He never came back out. :/

I didn’t even see him afterwards, so a total fail. Sigh…

it sucks when you see someone you really like and they diss you. The worst part of this hobby…

Until next time kids…

princess bride gif

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