Fanboy Fail Friday! Atlanta FYC Event! AKA Donald Glover Runs Off Stage Faster Than The Millennium Falcon Can Fly! Punch It Into Hyper-Drive Chewie!

Looks can be deceiving.

I always have to remember that.

Recently, Lisa-Lisa and I headed to a panel and screening for the Donald Glover series Atlanta.

On the panel were:

Donald Glover, Creator/Executive Producer/Writer/Director/Executive Music Producer/“Earn Marks”
Paul Simms, Executive Producer
Dianne McGunigle, Executive Producer
Stephen Glover, Executive Producer/Writer
Hiro Murai, Co-Executive Producer/Director
Stefani Robinson, Producer/Writer
Brian Tyree Henry, “Alfred ‘Paper Boi’ Miles”
Lakeith Stanfield, “Darius”
Zazie Beetz, “Van”

The panel was interesting, everyone seemed very engaged and talked about loving being a part of the show.

It’s funny because when you watch a panel, everyone’s engaged and seemingly having a great time. Once the panel is done. It’s like the curtain drops and the facade ends and it’s like:

“Don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, leave me alone.”

Which is exactly the vibe Donald Glover gave off.

Literally he was just like… giving people the eye. When a few people asked him for photo from the stage, he said something to the effect of….”Yea… ummmmmm… .uh……” As he literally walked past everyone, off the stage and out the back.

I was like, “Damn.”

The rest of the cast came out and mingled and were nice. Leaving Donald Glover’s absence even more glaring.

Zazie Beetz who was so good in Deadpool 2, was super nice. I did get a photo with her.

Zazie Beetz with fans Atlanta FYC event Donald Glover dissing fans 0000

but Donald Glover didn’t even put an appearance in.
Maybe he was afraid someone would have a Star Wars time for him to sign or something. Who knows?

Until next time kids…

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