Fanboy Fail Friday! Angelina Jolie Fanpit Frenzy! Others Left In Dust!

Well, we went for Angelina Jolie at one of her slam dunk premieres…

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a slam dunk. Most walked away empty handed.

We arrived pretty early in the morning. Pandas were walking around!

Graphers were pacing.

I grabbed a spot at the end of the barricade and waited.

The last time Mike and I went to an Angelina Jolie premiere, we were face-full in cement and screaming old ladies. Let’s just say it didn’t work out like we hoped.

Well. This was our chance.

Dustin Hoffman came over. WHISK. Down the line. Signed his life away. Mike didn’t get anything.

Jolie came around the same time and she was gone!

Failed as easy as that.


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