Fanboy Fail Friday! Is An Event REALLY An Event… When No One Shows? Welcome To Hollywood!

It’s a cold cold night on the mean streets of Hollywood.

Oh the dreaded Fanboy Fail. It’s a curse we all live with isn’t it?

DVD Dave and I headed out to an illustrious event, an event with a guest list so massive, so mouth watering that there were (And this is serious) 20 plus collectors there. This list you may ask?

Kristy Swanson… Hold yourself… Barry Bostwick… I know, I know… Julie Warner… Just whoa, whoa… Charlene Tilton… Calm, calm… Antonio Sabato Jr…. It’s too much for you isn’t it? I understand.

hollywood walk of fame barren streets of hollywood3

So, you get the illustrious and prestigious list we’re talking about here right? I mean, hot damn on a biscuit.

Me? I love events that have random people like this, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, original and TV are some of my favorites, and Barry Bostwick was in Rocky Horror, I mean it’s generally fun and calm.

With 20 plus people here… It ain’t going to calm. To quote Ms. Kim Fields… “There’s Gonna be trouble…”

hollywood walk of fame barren streets of hollywood3

Could you imagine, “Oh my God! It’s Bernie Kopell! Pull out the 20 stack!” Ahhhhhhhh and everyone swarms.

I never will understand who wants to buy an 8×10 of Doc from The Love Boat (or insert name of random celebrity there) for $50 bucks online? Who are these people? and can I have their name and number because I have some land to sell in Michigan… Detroit actually… 8 mile…

The night was getting crisp and you could smell the desperation in the air. DVD Dave thumbed through all his DVD covers for Julie Warner… Doc Hollywood, Doc Hollywood special edition, Doc Hollywood “The Doc is back” edition…

hollywood walk of fame barren streets of hollywood3

I have a Buffy The Vampire Slayer mini poster (because I’m that kind of awesome), my Rocky horror Mini poster, a Rocky horror DVD cover signed by Susan Sarandon, and a few other pieces of randomness.

Why didn’t I bring The Big hit for Antonio Sabato Jr.? Dammit Michael! Get your head in the game!

Sorry… Just thoughts that go through your brain when the excitement gets too much.

hollywood walk of fame barren streets of hollywood3

sniff, sniff… What’s that smell? Gasoline? No, it’s sadness… Because we’ve been here for an hour and not one person has shown up yet. WAIT! A flash from inside the event. One of the pacing dealers clutched his stack of 8×10 photos and raced to see what’s going on.
He held up his 8×10 photos next to random passersby to see if they were indeed famous. Yep, that happened.

Then the streets became cold and dark… Dank with despair and longing.

Ah well… the end result, NOT ONE PERSON SHOWED UP!

And this is why we call it a Fanboy Fail…

Until next time kids…

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