Fanboy Fail Friday! Getting The Diss and I Mean THE DISS From Scarlett Johansson! Doh! JoJo Rabbit Bummer!

It’s Fanboy Fail Friday!

This week, is Scarlett Johansson… The Avengers star is in the new film JoJo Rabbit. The movie screened and had a q and a with the cast, which included Scarlett, Taika Waititi, Sam Rockwell, Rebel Wilson, Roman Griffin and more.

Now, I liked the film… I thought it was really good and the following q and a was really interesting. It was great to hear the backstory of the film and how it came to be.

At the end of the q and a people went up to Scarlett Johansson. She looked at Scotty’s poster like it was acid about to burn her skin off. He had a Vicky Cristina Barcelona poster, I mean come on…

Needless to say, pen did not hit paper.

She did do a few selfies and I mean like three. I was not one of the chosen few.

I didn’t get really any of the cast, it was pretty much a complete bust. They all bolted off the stage really fast.

That… As we say… is that.

Until next time kids…

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