Fanboy Fail Fridays! Having Academy Award Winner Cate Blanchett Hide Under Car Seat To Avoid Looking At Fans! So Dramatic!

My gosh is it Friday already! I can’t believe it! You know what that means! It’s time for Fanboy Fail Fridays! Where everyone gets to share in the pain… LOL…

You know, I’ve had a lot of fails over the years, and I’m sure you guys can relate. If you are out and about doing anything in this hobby you’re going to get a fail. It’s just what’s going to happen.

So, today… Today I thought I would share one of the most… I don’t even know what to say… or how to put it into words… lol… But my story today is about none other than the stunning Cate Blanchett. Now Cate Blanchett isn’t out and about a lot, especially here in the states as far as I know. But she did a couple talk show appearances back in the day.

cate blanchett shooting a gun in a press promo still from hanna starring eric bana rare promo hot

The first time she appeared, I was literally the ONLY person there. Just me, little old… Well… Giant Mike… LOL… I had my Lord of the Rings DVD (yep, this was before I started whipping out the mini posters) and I was super excited. Come on Cate Blanchett is totally in my wheelhouse of female stars I love… Annie Lennox, Tilda Swinton, Cate Blanchett… It makes sense right?

So, here I am with two security guards and my DVD… I call out Ms. Blanchett! Ms. Blanchett… Does she look over? Nope. Does she wave? Nope. Nadda… Nothing…

So, I kind of write Cate off… Right? I mean that’s pretty mean. So, a year… Or maybe six months later, Low and behold Cate is appearing on the same show! I was like, Oh hell no! However, Annie Lennox of all people was there as well. That’s when I said, oh yeah… I need to go. Scotty really wanted Cate and had an Elizabeth movie poster for her. I said, brother don’t hold your breath.

Still out we went. I of course brought one of the many magazines I had for Cate Blanchett. I mean you can never have enough. As I was going through my crap I realized… Cate Blanchett has been on a crapload of magazines! And I think I have them all… Grrr…

So here we are, Scotty clutching his one sheet hoping that will get her to come over, me with my Vanity Fair and W Magazines…

cate-blanchett-w-magazine-1 rare hot sexy photo shoot w magazine rare promo photo curious case of banjamin button promo

When Cate emerged there were about 10 people or so. Scotty was yelling and holding up his poster. I had my magazine out, oh yeah, we tried. Cate Blanchett hid her face with a piece of paper and then got in the car.

Did we give up? Oh no! Not even the icy gaze of Galadriel was going to deter us! Then once Cate Blanchett was in her car, she ducked under her seat so she wouldn’t have to look at us. She literally hid under her cars seat! I know 12 year olds that do that but not Academy Award winning actresses!

I can almost hear her, “I shall not gaze upon the common fans! I will hide thusly so my delicate sensibilities will not be inundated with their foul stares!”

The funny thing is, the car was there for a good few minutes. So we’re sitting there watching Cate Blanchett with her head literally under the seat in front of her like a turtle.

I wanted to say, “Cate… We can still see you darling… This isn’t an earthquake drill…” lol..

Now, what can you do right? I did eventually get Cate to sign a bunch of magazines from my collection at her Star Ceremony after this took place which you can look at below, so this time she didn’t hide under the podium. “Don’t look at me people!” Don’t look!

cate blanchett signed autograph vanity fair magazine naked photo uk edition rare promo indiana jones

That was actually the last time I even had the opportunity to see Cate Blanchett out and about. I’m oping she’ll be out for The Hobbit and some of the many projects she has in the pipeline. And I’m hoping that she won’t hide from me again. LOL…

If anyone out there has Fanboy Fails they want to submit for Fanboy Fail Fridays send them over!

Check out some of the signed magazines I was able to get from Cate Blanchett at her star ceremony below!

Until next time kids…

cate blanchett signed autograph w magazine magazine naked photo uk edition rare promo indiana jones
cate blanchett signed autograph vanity fair magazine naked photo uk edition rare promo indiana jonescate blanchett signed autograph vanity fair magazine naked photo uk edition rare promo indiana jonescate blanchett signed autograph harper's Bazaar foil cover magazine naked photo uk edition rare promo indiana jones

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