Fanboy Fail Fridays! Trying To Understand Why Keira Knightley Is So Nasty!?! Anna Karenina Q And A Insanity! APPALLED! That’s The Only Word For It!

You know… I try so hard to be positive here on MTF, seriously I very rarely (in my humble opinion) bash people. (Molly Ringwald not withstanding) However, there are those times, when I’m just so shocked by someone’s behavior it’s hard for me to even watch something that they are in again.

Such is the case with this weeks Fanboy Fail Friday! Last night I attended a screening for Anna Karenina with a q and a to follow with Keira Knightley. Now, I’ve been a fan of Keira’s since Bend it Like Beckham… I loved Love Actually, I enjoyed Pirates at least her part of Pirates, and on and on… So, I was pretty excited to go last night (even if I had to brave Thursday traffic on the west side, to do so).

Scotty arrived first, I joined him in line and we went in. We had a nice spot in the front and settled in with popcorn and Coke Zero… MMMM Coke Zero.

Before the screening, a young lady gave a brief presentation about Hurricane Sandy and how there are people still without power. They were doing a donation, if people were in a position to give. It was handled very well. (this will lead into something trust me)

We were also told that we could not take photos, of Keira and that security was watching… Okay… So, sorry for the lack of photos.

Now, Anna Karenina is not my cup of tea generally. It’s a foppy English costume drama, with large sweeping dresses, British accents, and Jude Law looking wooly and thin. Again, not really my cup of tea.

Anna-Karenina Movie Poster Rare Keira knightly jude law rare promo one sheet teaser poster hot sexy promo

The film looks great, it’s a visual feast and was set half on stage and half in the real world. It was jarring at first, but then once I got used to the setting I enjoyed it. The story is the same as it ever was… Anna Karenina is a married debutant, who then falls in love with a soldier (who was a little too foppish in my humble opinion) and they have an affair. SCANDAL! Anna Karenina admits and owns the affair, gets pregnant, leaves her son and husband for the soldier and gets ostracized by society, goes crazy and she throws herself under a train.

Yep, that boils it all down.

Anna-Karenina Movie Poster Rare Keira knightly jude law rare promo one sheet teaser poster hot sexy promo

If you needed a spoiler alert for all of that, this story has been around since… Oh… the 1800’s so get over it. It’s Tolstoy! HELLO!

The more I thought about the film, the more I thought Keira Knightly missed the mark in the lead. She was fine, but didn’t add any layers to the character and honestly I didn’t understand why people liked her. Kelly Macdonald as Dolly, the sort of romantic friend did so much with her part and in contract Keira was just… Eh… Fine, but never really registering.

The really odd part and I have to mention it because a) this is my blog and b) because I’ve been obsessing over it all night. Keira Knightley had the strangest saliva pouring all over her mouth in one scene, I couldn’t help but be grossed out. It was literally, like the creature from Aliens was drooling all over her costar. It was everywhere! If you see the movie, it’s the scene in the park… There are tons of closeup’s of Keira Knightley’s mouth and it’s all spit and saliva… Just gross.

anna-karenina-poster-forbidden-love Anna-Karenina Movie Poster Rare Keira knightly jude law rare promo one sheet teaser poster hot sexy promo

I even called my friend who saw a screener of the film and I said to her, “Did you notice…” and she interjected, “The spit in Keira Knightley’s mouth! YES!” Which led to a 20 minute conversation on spit. I can’t lie.

Please, if you see the film, look for the saliva.

Okay, now… The film is over. My popcorn is gone and it’s time for the Q and A. I’ve heard that Keira Knightley is a tad difficult. She’s stand offish. Billy had that bad encounter with her earlier this year, but I reserve judgement until I try myself.

still-of-keira-knightley-in-anna-karenina rare promo hot sexy keira knightly press promo still photo hot rare

The Q and A starts and it’s clear right from when she sits down that Keira Knightley wants to be anywhere else but here. It was one of the worst Q and A’s I have ever seen. And I’m a Q and A connoisseur. The moderator was terrible, not engaging… He would ask a question, get the answer and not do any kind of follow up. It was rough.

The other part was Keira Knightley herself. She was cold and at one point I expected her to pull out her phone to check some text’s and see if she was done yet.

Someone asked her, “what are you doing next” and her response was, “Well, being in my position I have lots of offers…” I was like, really lady? You’re going to say that to a room full of industry people, probably begging for an under five on “Whitney?”

The other answers related to the film, did you read the novel? Her answer, “Well, if one on is going to do Anna Karenina, one would be stupid not to!”


Then the q and a was over and I swear Keira Knightley suddenly became full of life and a super mario brothers character. Taking three leaps out of the theater and was gone.

But that’s not the worst thing….

Remember the charity I mentioned earlier? Okay… Some staff members asked Keira Knightley to sign a nook for the Hurricane victims to be auctioned off for charity. She put what looked like a scratch on it and ran off. Her assistant turned to the people and was like, “oh here’s your charity thing.” Didn’t even hand it back to the staff. Instead he tossed it onto a theater chair and ran off.


You can’t even take a second for fucking hurricane victims? Come on stop being a pretentious bitch, climb down off your high horse and sign some shit for FUCKING HURRICANE VICTIMS! AND SIGN IT NICE! Ugh… I was appalled. APPALLED! You don’t want to give common people the time of day, fine… this is something for charity.

I’m not going to speak for Scotty, but he was like, “did you see that?” I was like, “yeah.” Wow… Just wow…

And I don’t want to hear some stupid shit, like, “Back when Keira Knightley did a commercial she baked me peanut brittle and signed all my items with a quote, her character name and kiss imprint.” Fuck that. No… Sorry that is inexcusable… To paraphrase The Other Mike, If it acts nasty, if it smells nasty, then dammit it’s NASTY!


For fuck sakes! Really? REALLY!

I’m still in disbelief. I can’t even end this. These poor people are struggling and Keira Knightley can’t take a second. Shit she should take 15 minutes and sign everything they have to help these people. It should be a stack of posters to be auctioned off. I don’t give a shit how many Q and A’s you are forced to do. THESE ARE FUCKING HURRICANE VICTIMS!


Yep, still pretty pissed…

Until next time kids…

Hurricane victims… Really Keira Knightley, REALLY!?!?!?

I’m awarding Keira Knightley a rare Angry Theo for her behavior.

angry french bulldog theo from mike the fanboy adorable french bulldog brown soft best dog ever

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