FANBOY FAIL! Hauling My Ass To Northridge Only To Miss Earth Girls Are Easy Star Geena Davis By 10 Minutes! Kill Me Now!

I’m blaming my friend. AKA Dillon the fucker… You see, he said… “I like reading the Fanboy Fails more than anything else on your site.” and then… A week of Fanboy Fails! Fucker!

Sigh… I sort of debated writing this. It could possibly be a little too soon for me. You see, last night Scotty called and said, “Geena Davis is doing a talk in Northridge.” Now, I’ve tried to meet Geena Davis for years, one she’s not out a lot and two she’s tough to get. There were a couple events last year that she didn’t sign at, in fact I don’t even think she acknowledged people.

geena davis in a promo still from beetlejuice as barbara rare promo time burton press hot sexy academy award winner

So, when this event came up I wasn’t too hopeful. But still I amassed my crap and headed out on the 405 down into the depths of the valley. Scotty was also on his way and said we don’t need to arrive until at least 9ish because he was at an event held at this location before and no one left until at least 9.

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Now, here’s where it’s frustrating… sure you can spend all day running around or just try and catch them coming out. But one, I didn’t think she would do it, and two it’s Northridge. The only thing good that comes out of Northridge is a plethora of porn… and here I am going for the Earth Girls Are Easy star? Does it sound logical? Hmmmm… So, Scotty and I headed down to the armpit of the valley and when I got there I spied another collector friend.

And, the worst thing in the world to see when you are just arriving on the scene is another collector leaving… Yep, that’s not good. Either she left and didn’t do it or worse, she left and DID do it.

geena davis in transelvania 65000 rare promo vampire press still promo hot sexy vampire rare promo

Sure enough… I was ten minutes late… Geena Davis signed for the TWO people there whatever they had and was super nice and pleasant. My stomach did a flip, I wanted to die or kill whatever is easier… So fucking mad at myself. I call Scotty and he yelled… yep, yelled into the phone. LOL…

And here’s where we thought the event had to be at least a couple hours. Tickets were $70.00! YES! $70.00 for like… what 45 minutes… Ugh… and the signatures were beautiful. Perfect Geena Davis autographs. Kills me… KILLS ME! And yes, I was grumpy for the rest of the night.

I’m still grumpy. I’m still mad… FUCKING FANBOY FAIL!

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