Fanboy Fail Friday! Jessica Alba Personalizes Big Mike’s Poster “To Richard” Without Even Asking His Name? Say Wha? Plus Meeting Luke Wilson! James Marsden! And More!

Oh what a night…

Big Mike and I headed out for a few people. He really wanted master thespian Jessica Alba on his Sin City one sheet. I had a couple magazines for her, but I really wanted Luke Wilson. I’ve been a fan of Luke’s for a long time, I mean I didn’t realize how many things I had for him.. Like8 things. What? Crazy.

Also on the list for today is Cyclops himself, James Marsden. I had a bunch of things for him as well… So why not try right.

When we arrived, Andy said he just got everyone and he was leaving. Grrrrrrrreat.

It’s so nice to hear that when you get somewhere right?

So, we decided to wait it out… It can’t be THAT long right?

In the meantime a bunch of random shirtless dudes started running around the streets of Hollywood with a group of girls trying to get selfies. I’m sure they are a boy band, they have to be.

shirtless frat boys running around in hollywood

shirtless frat boys running around in hollywood

It was nice though, because Big Mike and I got to catch up.

Then as time ticked by people started to come back. James Marsden was first and almost ran by us. He did stop to sign one each and then I asked him to finish my Enchanted poster which he was cool enough to do.

James Marsden signed autograph enchanted uk quad poster

James Marsden signed autograph out magazine cover

Then a few minutes later master thespian Jessica Alba showed up and just gave us a scowl as she walked in. Damn.

So… Now we’re waiting for Luke Wilson… And waiting… and waiting… and waiting…

How should I put this… The show starts at 7:00 and it’s now 6:45. Luke Wilson has to be in.

I mean he just has to be.

Three minutes later, Luke Wilson rounds the corner. I didn’t even see him. Big Mike, said, “Hey Luke would you mind signing?”

His response?

“Sure guys, I’d be happy to!”

Luke Wilson Signed Scream 2 poster

Luke Wilson Signed the family stone poster

Luke Wilson Signed autograph Old School poster

Luke Wilson Signed autograph Rushmore poster

Luke Wilson Signed autograph Legally Blonde poster

Luke Wilson Signed autograph Legally Blonde 2 poster

The man has 12 minutes until the play started and was as cool as can be. Seriously, he was exactly like you would want Luke Wilson to act like. Super chill. He was happy to sign everything I had and I had, Scream 2, Rushmore, Legally Blonde, Legally Blonde 2, The Family Stone, Old School, yeah, I had a bunch. Who knew?

I was more than happy to leave, but Big Mike really wanted master thespian Jessica Alba to finish his Sin City poster.

Sigh… So I said I would wait with him.

I know, I’m a nice guy.

In the meantime there was a fire truck across the street. Maybe they were carrying the girls to the shirtless guys from earlier.

Jessica Alba Luke Wilson signing autographs 4

We went to get food and came back.

A few more people showed up to get photos and autographs and then the show broke.

James Marsden left out the side and he signed two more for me as he left. He also did a few photos with people as well.

Jessica Alba Luke Wilson signing autographs 4

Jessica Alba Luke Wilson signing autographs 4

Then master thespian Jessica Alba’s car pulled up, pulled around, Lord… What drama.

Then Jessica Alba walked out. Big Mike got her to sign his poster and it looked like she took her time while signing.

She then scribbled on a magazine for me and said, “That’s it, I’m done.” as she sashayed to her car. Perhaps she had a script to read, suntan lotion to make, a pashmina to crochet?

Jessica Alba signed autograph gq magazine

I was more excited for Big Mike getting his poster signed. The thing is, she never asked Big Mike for his name… And she made his poster out “To Richard.” I was there, she said NOTHING and yet she wrote a random name on his poster. That’s pretty damn shitty, In My Humble opinion. It’s a cast poster that he already has PSA’d and was just trying to finish. Super disappointing.

I can’t complain, as I got a lot of things done, but I just can’t believe that master thespian Jessica Alba would do that.

Until next time kids…

James Marsden signed autograph wet shirtless pin up photo

James Marsden signed autograph x2 x-men poster

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