Fanboy Fail Friday! Jodie Foster and Jason Bateman Netflix Panel. The Contact Star Hobbles Off The Stage On Crutches! Doh!

Don’t you hate it when a plan doesn’t come together?

Last week, Scotty, Lisa, Lisa and I headed out to a q and a with Jodie Foster and Jason Bateman.

It was at the Netflix space, which is basically two soundstage converted to a screening room.

It’s interesting and the reception room is kinda cool.

The panel was great, but as soon as we saw Jodie Foster on crutches, we knew it was going to be tough to get her. Generally, Jodie is awesome but when you can’t walk…

I have to say though, hearing Jodie Foster at a q and a is a great experience.

After the panel was over…. Sadly, she said she had to go and ran off. Jason Bateman didn’t pause for station identification and bolted.

So, it was a fanboy fail. Doh!

Until next time kids…

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