Fanboy Fail Friday! Lena Dunham Gets Rushed To The Hospital! Nathan Fillion Ducks In And Out! Jon Cho Is Rude? What Kind Of Saturday Is This?

I love a rainy night… Dudududu…

Okay, I do love a rainy night but I hate a rainy afternoon. Especially when you’re out and about waiting for Nathan Fillion and Lena Dunham. I mean, it makes the air moist and who likes moist air? No one… In fact, I hate typing the word moist, but I just did it three times for your reading enjoyment. It’s cause I’m a good dude. It’s true, I said it.

Anyway, Billy joined me for this sprinkling day in Hollywood and shockingly we were the only ones there. Who knew?

There were some other cool names on the list including Jon Cho, Dennis Haysbert, James Brolin, etc… But the main reason I was going was for Lena and Nathan.

Even during the rain there was a kid with his guitar singing for a better part of an hour. I kept telling Billy I should request acoustic Alanis Morissette songs just to screw with him. I don’t know why you would pick a random street in Hollywood to sing Sublime’s Santaria over and over again, but hey whatever floats your boat right?

young kid signing on the corner of hollywood and vine

Finally some of the people at the show arrived.

Paul Sheer showed up and yes, this was the best photo I got of him signing. #FanboyFail.

paul sheer signing autographs

Billy got Chris Parnell to sign even though he was like, I have to go, I’m late.

John Michael Higgins was here as well and as nice as could be. I had him sign my A Mighty Wind mini poster.

John Michael Higgins signed autograph poster 12

Billy got a quick photo with Zachary Knighton

Zachary Knighton fan photo selfie

and also Erinn Hayes.

erinn hayes fan photo selfie

Jon Cho arrived and was kind of a jerk. There were only two of us asking and he ignored, glared and then when I told him where to go, relented and signed one thing… Yep, one for the two of us. Okay Sulu, calm down.

Jon Cho signed autograph star trek into darkness individual promo poster character sulu

Still no Lena or Nathan… Grumble.

That kid was still singing his Sublime songs though… He may have moved on to Weezer covers now… I’m not sure.

young kid signing on the corner of hollywood and vine

Dennis Haysbert arrived and was nice enough to sign my Major League mini poster, which was cool.

Dennis Haysbert signed autograph major league poster

Apparently Lena Dunham had to get rushed to the hospital suddenly which was a bummer but we clearly wish her well.

Nathan Fillion? He snuck in the back. Doh! Come on Mal! Even after the show, Billy stayed and he ducked out to avoid people. Sigh. #FireflyFail


It’s okay, I know Nathan is a usually really awesome, so I’m not taking it personally. lol!
I’m heading to dry off.

Until next time kids…

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