Fanboy Fail Friday! Getting Dissed By Misery Star Kathy Bates! She Says She’ll Sign But Then… Doh!

It’s Fanboy Fail Friday!

You know, it’s tough sometimes, there are venues to consider, where will people drop… It can be a pain in the ass.

When it comes to people you really like from amazing movies you have to try right?

Kathy Bates was appearing at a q and a, and I had to try and get her. How can you not love Misery?

Kathy Bates dropped in the front of the theater and everyone lined up.

We got a scowl and she said, “I’ll do it after.”

And she went inside.

Well… She did say she would do it after soooooooo….

Now we wait.. and wait… and wait…

When it was time for her to leave, Kathy Bates tried to sneak out the back. Did she sign or give people the time of day? Nope!


Oh well… you have to try right?

Until next time kids…

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