Fanboy Fail Fridays! Suddenly Susan Misses Hugh Jackman For The 500th Time! Doh! Prisoners Sadness!

There is no bigger fan of the Aussie’s than Suddenly Susan! She has tried and tried for that magical photo with Hugh Jackman for years. Has it happened?


In this weeks Fanboy Fail Friday… I think you can guess what happened once again!

One day Susan will get her man!

Until then… Check out the full recap below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Oh Hugh, I thought we were past the point in our relationship where you stopped snubbing me for autographs.

Actually, I’ve been on a mission to get a photo with him for some time and this was my goal when he made a recent talk show appearance for the upcoming movie The Prisoners. So, off I went, camera in hand and back up photo just in case he wasn’t doing photo ops.

Hugh Jackman shirtless wolverine gif hot sexy australian promo x-men days of future past

There’s a magic hour where you might be able to catch the guests on their way in, but due to my work schedule I was cutting it ultra-close and arrived 20 minutes past the hour! There was no one else around so I assumed I was too late but I got out to look around anyway. Just then an autograph dealer showed up. I point blank asked her if Hugh had signed at an event earlier in the day she completely ignored me. Thus are the manners of the autograph professional. What was I thinking?

not impressed olympic winner

No matter; a few more people arrived, more fans than dealers, and the seven of us waited and chatted. They had all been to the earlier event just an hour or so ago Hugh did some signing and took some photos. Now I was feeling tingly. They also knew in exactly what kind of car he was being driven.

Hugh jackman hot sexy shirtless naked rare The Wolverine movie poster promo hugh jackman hot promo rare

When it was down to the wire we were keeping a close eye out said car and that’s when we noticed it coming out of the parking lot. Wait a minute. If that car is coming out of the lot, than that means it had to go in first! That’s a basic law of physics. The driver looked over, smiled and waved as if to say, ha ha suckers, we fooled you!

I’ll give Hugh the benefit of the doubt since and say he had NO time to stop since he was running super late. There was also local construction it was probably easier/quicker to drop him at the front entrance.

It’s ok. I’ve got two nice Hugh Jackman autographs (finally) and one is even personalized. But, I’m still on the hunt for that photo with him.…

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