Fanboy Fail Fridays! PALEYFEST! Susan Rants On The Larger Venue! Higher Ticket Price! And Less Fan Friendly Atmosphere!

Ohhh someone’s mad and she’s not going to take it anymore!

I know a lot of people were sad when the Paleyfest moved to the Dolby theater. No one knew what to expect. I agree with everything Susan said, the funny thing is for me, I spent less money this year. Before I would have bought a few orchestra seats and then some of the less expensive ones for smaller events.

This year, I only got the discounted tickets because I didn’t want to fight with people for autographs and wasn’t sure what the venue would be like. I made the right decision.

The thing that makes me most upset, is that when the casts are being awesome and the security tells them they have to leave. Why? The actors I’ve seen have been like, “but I don’t care, I’ll stay!” and are sometimes literally forced to leave. What BS! Let them sign and take care of the fans, that’s why we’re all here!

Anyway, check out Susan’s mini rant below! And let us know what you all think!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


As a longtime member of the Paley Center for Media, I look forward to Paley Fest every year. I usually end up attending at least 4 of the events. This year, however, I had to express my huge disappointment in the new manner in which the entire festival was handled. They should have re-named it Greed Fest.

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First off, I had to renew my membership via Ticketmaster. I don’t understand why I need to go through a third party who charges outrageous fees, in order to maintain membership with a non-profit organization. The $75 membership wound up costing me $92.80. At the very least, I had hoped this would entitle me to better seats at each of the events. I was wrong.

When tickets for memberships went on sale, the temporary membership number I was given by a Paley staff member did not work on the Ticketmaster site. Therefore, I had to call Ticketmaster directly. As the better seats we being snatched up on the internet, I had to wait on hold for 22 minutes before I could purchase mine. I wound up with seats in the 2nd Mezzanine and the back of the Parterre. These tickets, which normally cost $25 for in the past, wound up totaling $40 each with fees. The additional fees for my membership, and the additional fees for one ticket, totaled $33, which meant I had to cut one event from my usual roster of four.

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Let’s flash forward to my first event – Sleepy Hollow. I was blown away by the fact that they now charge $10 per program. I can understand a suggested donation of $2 to $5, but TEN dollars? That’s outrageous. I took my seat and again was surprised that there was no episode or special behind the scenes clip prior to the panel. The moderator said it was so we would have most time with the panelists, but we had the EXACT same amount of time as previous years, minus the treat of watching an episode on the big screen.

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To add insult to injury, I had to endure the entire panel listening to click clack, tick tack, ticky tacky, clack clicky behind me. There were SIX women typing away on laptops, recording EVERY single word spoken. The woman directly behind me had a particularly old laptop and the keys were extremely loud. I asked if she planned on typing the entire time and all she said, in a nasty tone, was “it’s for my blog.” I told one of the ushers (which took time away from the panel) and he said ok and never returned.

(Editor’s Note: Wait now, let’s not attack the bloggers! LOL M-)

So, to sum up, I paid $93 for a membership, $40 for a ticket and $10 for a program to listen to the pounding of keyboards for 75 minutes. I also learned that the same seats I paid $40 for were complimentary on Goldstar. The Goldstar fees came to $18.50 and were in the row behind mine. It seems in an attempt to make more money, they moved to a larger venue and then couldn’t sell enough tickets. Rather than be embarrassed by empty seats in photo ops, there were comp tickets given away to fill up space.

I am so disappointed and disgusted with the Paley center this year. I’m sure that one person matters little or not all to them, but they have lost a long standing member for good.

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