Triple Fanboy Fail Friday! Disses By P!nk! Ellen DeGeneres! Channing Tatum! All In One Day! Doh!

Fanboy Fail Friday – Triple Fail

November 10, 2017

By: Scott


I was out and about last week trying to meet Ellen DeGeneres, Pink, and Channing Tatum. I thought I would be able to meet one of three, which is why I went out on the town. Unfortunately, not one of these stars felt inclined enough to meet fans. Ellen was not a surprise as I have tried for her three previous times, and she could barely give fans the time of day. Thought fourth time would have been a charm, but no.


I have not heard too many great things about Pink, but since I was out, I thought I would give her a try. Fail! Ha ha!

Finally, I know Channing Tatum has been fan friendly in the past, and I wanted to try and add him to my Hateful 8 poster. Tonight, Channing did not feel like meeting fans. He even had the talk show security shield his leaving by closing the tarped gates. Triple fail. Oh well, better luck next time.

Hail Caesar channing tatum


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