Fanboy Fail Friday! Heading To Santa Monica But Shelley Long Is A No Show! Cheers Sadness!

So, as most people know, I love the comedies of the 80s!

Some of my favorites are Hello Again, Troop Beverly Hills, Outrageous Fortune… Do you see the common thread here?

Ms. Shelley Long… The adorableness of Shelley Long I should say!

Armed with a bag of posters, my Diane Chambers Funko Pop and my ticket.. I headed to the cold barren wasteland that is Santa Monica.

Shelley Long was doing a rare and I mean rare q and a for Irreconcilable Differences and I was super excited.

I headed down with my friend Angie and we met up with Lisa-Lisa, Scotty, Janna, Meghan and more.

When we arrived, my Spidey senses started tingling because Shelley’s name was not on the marquee and that’s not a good sign.

Sure enough, we were told that Shelley cancelled.


I was pretty bummed… We went for dessert and at least the peanut butter pie was good. The 7000 calories may or may not have been worth it.


Until next time kids…

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