Fanboy Fail Friday! The Wormwood Q and A! Heading Out But Sadly Peter Sarsgaard Was A No Show! Doh!

It’s Fanboy Fail Friday!

This week, there was an FYC event for the Netflix series Wormwood, which is part recreation and part documentary.

Wormwood FYC q and a 5

The panel included:

Errol Morris, executive producer and director

Peter Sarsgaard

Molly Parker

Christian Camargo

Sadly, this is fanboy fail friday and the main reason I headed out to the event was 1. to hang out with friends, which is always awesome. and 2. to meet Peter Sarsgaard.

This might be kind of a boring Fanboy Fail Friday, without a dramatic bent to it.

The panel was very good, however, Peter Saragaard was a no show. Doh!

I know. Not too much of a fancy Fanboy Fail story, but it’s always a bummer when the person you headed out for doesn’t show.

We did end up having a fun night hanging out, so that was nice plus and all was most definitely not lost.

Until next time kids…

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