Fanboy History! Vintage Fanmail! Debbie Reynolds Answering Her Many Letters And The Stars Who Appreciate Their Fans!

Fanboy History Time!

Ace just sent me this awesome vintage photo of Debbie Reynolds!

The acting legend posted it to her Facebook page with the caption “Answering Fanmail before texting, Facebook and Twitter.”

And that’s so true, even though there are some awesome celebrities who still respond to their fanmail, it’s getting more and more rare to have them do it authentically. It takes a lot of research to find out who is truly signing things for their fans.

debbie reynolds signing autographs fanmail rare

It’s always interesting to see you know? There are celebrities that still really care about their fans. It’s always nice to see you know?

For more on the inside scoop on Fanmail, tricks, tips and more… Make sure and check out Ace’s TTM Tues column.

Until next time kids…

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