Fanboy News! 17 Coolest Signatures In History! Johnny Manziel’s Car For Sale! Craigslist Autographs! Nerd Fitness! Beatles Album Sells For 35K!

Manziel’s autographed truck for sale as Johnny upgrades his ride

A Cleveland-area dealership, Airport Nissan, is selling the Browns backup quarterback’s 2014 Nissan Titan SL — and to make this piece of memorabilia particularly unique — Johnny Manziel’s authentic signature is on the dashboard.

johny manzls truck

Found on Craigslist: Mystery Yankees team autographs

was recently browsing Craigslist when I found an interesting listing advertising several Yankees autographs. The autographs appear on several pages of a note pad and the ad specifies exactly who signed where:

yankees team antique autographs

Seahawk signs autographs for a cause

Seattle Seahawks running back Robert Turbin made an appearance at DJ’s Sportscards in Renton on Tuesday night to sign autographs and help raise money for Shepherd’s Crook, an organization that finds adoptive homes for special needs children from around the world.

According to the owner, who has adopted a special needs of his own through the organization, Turbin arrived early and stayed late, making sure everybody who wanted one got an autograph.

How not to do a Susanna Reid when meeting a celebrity

When I come face to face with Robbie Williams, my celebrity crush since I was about 11, I know exactly how I want our meeting to go. I’ll flick my hair coquettishly, sidle over and say a casual “Hi”, in that husky voice I’ve practised countless times in front of the mirror. Bowled over by my charm, he’ll smile, he’ll laugh, and then he’ll invite me to dinner at a glamorous rooftop restaurant, where we’ll continue our witty conversation long into the night.

tom cruise interview

Signed copy of Beatles’ Please Please Me sells for $36,655

When it comes to memorabilia, you can’t do much better than early Beatles items. They’re an iconic group with millions of loyal fans worldwide. Even fifty-years-later their music continues to have a demand. When you consider their huge fan base and small amount of early memorabilia available. Finding a fully-signed record in mint condition (fifty-years later) is exceptionally rare.


The 17 Coolest Signatures Of Famous People Through History

We’ve chosen the 17 famous people with the coolest signatures in all of history. Keep scrolling to see the signatures, from legendary Argentinian soccer player Diego Maradona to German artist Albrecht Dürer.

jay leno signature

Nerds Want Muscles Too; Workouts For Comic-Con Goers

Joe Rodriguez grew up immersed in videogames and avoided athletic pursuits “unless you count chess as a sports team,” he says. Four years ago the 5-foot-8 Chicago native weighed 310 pounds and sometimes couldn’t close airplane seat belts while traveling.

nerd fitness

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