Fanboy News! Rihanna’s Epic Meet And Greet! Man’s Four Year Wait To Meet His Idol! Take That! And More!

It’s Fanboy news!

Even with the holidays, the fandom never stops does it?

This week, there’s Rihanna’s epic meet and greet! Take That holds an autograph signing! The selfie debate continues! And one man’s quest to meet his favorite baseball player is over!

Check it out below!

When an autograph means more than just a scribble: Four-year wait ends with meet-and-greet with one fan’s favorite ballplayer

As Twins fans know, 33 was the number worn for a decade by first baseman Justin Morneau, who was selected that year to his fourth straight All Star game, his first as a starter. It was my hope to get the jersey autographed and to eventually frame it and hang it in my distending man cave.

Maxx Tissenbaum photo rare baseball player signed

Her 1930s autograph book has signatures of everyone from Amelia Earhart to Babe Ruth

In her cozy apartment at Brethren Village, 88-year-old Polly Kilheffer turns the pages and reads off the people whose curlicued signatures march down row after row.

Amelia Earhart, Babe Ruth, Douglas Fairbanks, Robert Ripley of “Believe It Or Not” fame, Gen. R.E. Wood, president of Sears Roebuck & Co.

autograph book

There’s two sides to autograph story

Joshua Bush, from Gainesville, Florida, had someone bring him a 2012 Masters flag and last year he made the trek to the Players Championship to get it signed by the Masters champ himself.

Bill Belichek at pebble beach golf course

Selfies become the autographs of the digital age

Clicking selfies became an urban cultural phenomenon in India during 2014, leaving autographs outdated.

Whether it was about flaunting a new hairstyle, telling the world about a brush with a celebrity, a party with friends or visit to a landmark place, clicking selfies was the choice of millions.

keith coogan no selfies

Rihanna Stages The Best Meet And Greet Ever At The Eiffel Tower

Yesterday Rihanna was filming something (a new video? A campaign film perhaps?) at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, wearing a silver boiler suit, crystal choker, black desert boots and baby blue gloves. She was then mobbed by over 100 fans armed with their phones.

But Rihanna didn’t have a barrier of bodyguards between her and the screaming navy, she rolled up the sleeves of her jumpsuit, sprinted towards the French Navy and dived right in. She sat on a man’s shoulders and fan-surfed, letting everyone take pictures of her. The best meet and greet EVER?


Take That meet and greet hundreds of fans at HMV Cardiff

From Barcelona to Middlesbrough and everywhere in between, Take That fans travelled far and wide to meet the band at HMV Cardiff today.

The trio, who were in the capital to sign copies of their new album, III, were greeted by 200 eager enthusiasts at the Queen Street store, all of whom had snapped up free online tickets to meet the group.

take that meet and greet

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