Fanboy News! Prince Charles Breaks Protocol! Billie Eilish Lashes Out! Chris Evans Sounds Off On Autograph Fakes! And More!

I hope everyone is recovering from Thanksgiving! Some crazy news this week, Billie Eilish continues to lash out, Prince Charles breaks protocol and more!

Check it out below!

Charles gives out rare autograph to boy with broken arm

Prince Charles has given out a rare royal autograph, signing his name on the cast of a young boy with a broken arm in New Zealand.The Prince of Wales was in Christchurch with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, as part of their New Zealand royal tour and made an appearance at the local Lincoln Farmer’s Markets on Saturday.

Julie Hagerty had to overcome her fear of singing and dancing for ‘Marriage Story,’ even after a 40-year career

“Somebody asked me for my autograph and that had never happened before,” she noted. “So, I got nervous and I’m dyslexic, so I signed it, ‘West bishes, Julie Hagerty.’ The guy gave it back to me and said, ‘You spelled it wrong.’ That was my introduction to signing an autograph.”

Airplane promo press still rare

Billie Eilish Lashes out After Video of Her Ignoring Autograph Hunters and Getting Booed Surfaces

A video of Billie Eilish being booed by strangers on the street just resurfaced online, and the singer is not happy. Eilish took to her Instagram Story to respond on Sunday, hoping to set the record straight. The singer did not want fans to think she was ignoring her supportive listeners.

John Travolta Recalls His Trip Down Fandom’s Rabbit Hole In ‘The Fanatic’

Playing the title character in The Fanatic, John Travolta recalled, meant going down the rabbit hole of movie fandom, a notion he has been acquainted with since his childhood worship of Jimmy Cagney.

An autograph – from one ‘Iron Man’ to another

THE IRON MAN of Baltimore was in town recently. Not coincidentally, so was the Iron Man of Bowling Green.Baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr., came to Toledo to check out a new baseball field that his foundation helped pay for at Danny Thomas Park in the old south end.

Alex Gordon trades autographs for donations to local domestic violence organization

Give a donation and get an autograph from Alex Gordon and Ian Kennedy in exchange. Not a bad deal for Kansas City Royals fans at The Village of Mission Farms on Sunday.”We had to wait, but it was worth it. Anytime you get a chance to see the Royals, it’s good.,” Royals fan, Roland Sneed said.

MCU Star Chris Evans Goes Off On Fake Autograph Scammers

There are somethings that Captain America just won’t abide, and tricking fans is one of them. The Cap himself, Chris Evans, spoke out against imposters posing as the Marvel star asking for money, and he is not happy about — not one bit.

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