Fanboy News! Common Fakes Michael Jordan Autographs! George Brett Gives Fans An Earful!

It’s the Fanboy News from around the world!

So many fun things this week including Common faking Michael Jordan autographs as a kid. George Brett who apparently gives fans an “earful” when asked for his autograph and more!

Check it out below!


Common once forged Michael Jordan’s autograph while working as Bulls’ ball boy

“He wouldn’t tip me,” Common explained of Jordan, “but actually I made a little money off him. Somebody asked for his autograph, and I charged the guy $5. I was a little kid, I needed lunch money. I said, ‘Look, Mike, can you sign this for a kid?’ He joked, ‘You sign it.’ I signed it, took it back to the kid. The kid looked at it and said ‘Wait, this is not Michael’s autograph.’ How did he know? I spelled Michael wrong. I didn’t get the $5.”

OSU library video teen signs autograph at court

The former OSU student charged with public indecency for filming a pornographic video in a school library appeared in court Thursday.

Kendra Sunderland, 19, told KOIN 6 News, the video was strictly business. She said she did not anticipate the video would be uploaded to the web.

“I think it’s normal for a college campus,” Sunderland said. “College kids go crazy, they party, they do fun things and experiment. I think it’s not really big news.”


Hey, kid: Know what that Alex Rodriguez autograph is worth now?

After serving the longest suspension in MLB history for his involvement in yet another performance-enhancing drug scandal, Alex Rodriguez’s popularity among baseball fans has likely been irrevocably damaged.

But here’s a message for all of those fans lining up for A-Rod’s autograph at the Yankees’ facilities in Tampa, Fla.: Rodriguez’s reputation as a repeat doping offender has also severely sullied another element of the Yankee slugger’s brand — the value of his memorabilia.

alex rodriguez

Kansas City Autograph Hound Says George Brett ‘Will Give You An Earful’

What’s a grapher? The term is short for “autographer,” someone who devotes him- or herself to collecting player’s autographs.

“We go to the ballparks, team hotels, and some of us who are more extreme go to spring training and travel to the All Star games,” said Ethan Roth, who acquires and sells baseball autographs for a living. “It’s basically the art of getting an autograph without paying for it.”

george brett signing autographs national geographic photo lorde royals

Autograph seekers are hopeful at The Honda Classic

There’s some serious business happening at The Honda Classic and it has nothing to do with the stroke of a club.

Ros Ilagan has laser focus on the stroke of a pro golfer’s pen. She’s one of hundreds of people who seek autographs at the popular tournament.

Bill Belichek at pebble beach golf course

‘Empire’ star Malik Yoba remembers his first autograph

The South Bronx’s own Malik Yoba is on a career high with a role in the hit new series, ‘Empire.’
The former star of ‘New York Undercover’ is back on FOX and couldn’t be happier.

“That’s like lightning in a bottle twice,” said Yoba who plays ‘Vernon Turner.’

Empire family

LiLo doesn’t get community service credit for meeting fans

Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to undergo another 125 hours of community service after a Los Angeles judge rejected more than half of the work she allegedly completed during her stay in London.

Prosecutors questioned the legitimacy of the “Mean Girls” actress’ tasks after she rushed to clock up 240 hours of volunteer work by January as part of her sentence relating to a 2012 reckless driving case.

lindsay lohan mugshot

10 ridiculously cool things Taylor Swift has done for her fans

It’s not every day your favourite artist invites you to their house and bakes you cookies, but things are a little different in the world of Taylor Swift.
Along with her numerous charitable pursuits, the 25-year-old superstar is always finding ways to give back to her biggest fans – hitting the headlines for her acts of kindness almost as frequently as her much-discussed love life.

Taylor Swift_who me shocked rare crying nastly little bitch rare

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