Fanboy News! Dak Prescott Fake Autograph Panini Scandal! Star Wars The Last Jedi Signed Script For Sale? Broadway’s Ben Platt In Hot Water With Fans! And More!

Fanboy News!

Wow, this week Broadway’s Ben Platt in hot water with fans for avoiding people at the stage door. Um, can you really buy The Star Wars The Last Jedi Script signed by the cast? And Dak Prescott and Panini… Wow…

Check it all out below!

Dak Prescott accused of using machine to sign autograph

Dak Prescott is being accused of using a machine to sign his autograph for a memorabilia company instead of signing by hand.Beckett Grading Services, which evaluates and values trading cards, has refused to verify the Dallas Cowboys quarterback’s signature in a recent card set.

Panini America admits some Prescott autographed cards may not be authentic, signs Dak to new deal

Panini America admits some Prescott autographed cards may not be authentic, signs Dak to new deal

The Dak Prescott autograph mystery has not been completely solved, but steps are being taken to make things right.Panini America is recalling its 2016 Prizm set after reports surfaced that some cards bearing Prescott’s autograph might not have actually been signed by the Cowboys’ star quarterback.

Autograph collector Pat Neshek to pursue Zack Greinke at All-Star Game

Pat Neshek, the Philadelphia Phillies’ representative for the 2017 All-Star Game, is a noted autograph hound who has already set his sights on his target for the Midsummer Classic.”Zack Greinke,” Neshek told reporters after being named to the National League All-Star team Sunday. “He’s tough. Hopefully we can talk.”

Today’s the day to get Blake Shelton to autograph your bottle of vodka

Country superstar Blake Shelton will be signing some bottles of Smithworks Vodka today at the Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection store at Hershey Square Shopping Center, Hummelstown, at 5 p.m.Saturday is the debut of the vodka in Pennsylvania, and it’s also the inaugural concert at Beaver Stadium in State College — the Happy Valley Jam, which is headlined by Shelton.

Mark Hamill vs. Autographed Memorabilia: The Revenge of the Dark Side

Bill Petrocelli doesn’t look like someone routinely engaged in illegal activity by the jovial smile on his face as he greets customers around the San Francisco location of Book Passage, a small chain of stores that he co-owns in the Bay Area.

Since the beginning of 2017, however, he’s been routinely violating a California’s law regulating autographed items. Small bookstore owners like Petrocelli now must adhere to a laundry list of requirements that threaten their livelihoods and restrict First Amendment rights.

Wimbledon 2017: Nadal gets asked to sign unusual autograph

Tennis players are used to signing balls and programmes – but one fan had a bit more of an unusual request for Rafael Nadal.

The 31-year-old was doing the autograph rounds after his second-round Wimbledon win over American Donald Young when he was asked to sign something a bit different.

A man handed over his prosthetic leg, complete with a blue trainer on the end.

Wimbledon later tweeted a clip with the caption: “Not your everyday request.”

Ben Platt, Tony Award-winning ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ star, defends himself against angry autograph seekers

Sometimes Ben Platt just needs a break.

The “Dear Evan Hansen” star had to defend himself after fans called him out online for not appearing at the stage door after a show, where people typically wait for autographs.

“Performing ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ every night is wonderful but also hugely tough — as much as I would like to be out there every night, very often I cannot come to the stage door after the performance. My priority must always be self-care so I can recreate the same quality show each night. That’s my job, and what each and every audience member is paying for and deserves,” he wrote on Twitter Monday.

Music, memorabilia are ties that bind for longtime pals

Matthew Clark and Nick Maas could be prototypes for the old saw of being brothers from different mothers — with the umbilical connections of music and memorabilia tracing to their days as sixth-grade classmates.

Star Wars 8: Can you really buy an autographed Last Jedi script HERE? How is it possible?

A new listing has appeared on Movie Script Zone website which is bound to generate excitement and distrust in equal measure.

The site specialises in movie autographs and scripts and bears the logo of the Motion Picture Association of America – but how is it possible to already have an autographed Last Jedi script available, six months before the blockbuster is even released?

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